Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

January 31, 2005


he knows i should post more often and that i have been running out like a very busy little chickadee getting ready for my book to go out may 1. it is going to be so fun! i want to do tons of shoe readings all around the country and divine what shoes say about you. but anyway, back to my posting. fashion week is this week in NYC, probably i will do the missmeg version of fashion week which consists to going to a few fun events but avoiding the tents because they have started to scare me. too much chaos and lists and everything! oh my goodness. it must be super stressful to be a fashion designer that is all i have to say. and i'll go on style.com every day to see pics and be happy.

this weekend was super fantastic as the m would say. dindin at antique garage w/heidi, rachel, dougie fresh, corey & eddie (who convinced us into going to st barts), sweet michael, sadia, russell and my honey. we drank one too many mojitos and then headed to rothko on the LES to see djrupture (a harvard man who is now a DJ?). i must say i do not normally go for drum and bass but his music turned me out. very egyptian meets dancehall. wow.

saturday i got to see waleed's new line, naum, which was so major. fabulous plummy felt jackets in a perfect '60's meets oo's silhouette, a pair of hot pink horsehair stilettos with a pink and black heel and some amazing suede pumps with a cone-stiletto hybrid heel. oh wow. i cannot wait till we see it in stores!

sunday i hung with the fab sarah lukashok accessories designer extraordinaire. lets just say you heard it here that fur hand muffs with embellishments will be THE accessory for girls on the east coast next winter.

then i headed to the belt theater to see jean's trapeze recital. oh my goodness. 2 hours of breathtaking twirls and flips and spinning around and well, frankly it made me want to go to the circus.

January 27, 2005


Nolita shoe boutique LACE is adding Terry de Havilland, Tsumori Chisato, and Camilla Staerk to its Spring 2005 collection. oooh if you havent been to lace it's def a destination for the most unique shoes you can get your hands on these days. Colleen's mix of fashion forward and underground shoe designers make this a special stop. LACE, 223 Mott St, and remeber how one of miss meg's interviewees love tsumori?

January 23, 2005


in ashley's cute design studio/loft/shoe salon, this thursday only, 4-9pm, 120 Walker St-3rd flr (between Baxter and Centre, one south of Canal),this time she seems to be slashing prices, i hear 40%-70% off


January 20, 2005


of huaraches. a little bird told me they are the next flip-flop. if i see a wall streeter with suit and huarache i will cry.

besides that, i met a lawyer man last night who was so obsessed with black new balances (very hard to find) he embarked on a major research mission and finally travelled to new jersey to acquire them. the mens DO like shoes just smuch as the womens (as the manolo would say)

i am also found out that my men's shoe advice is accurate. it was vetted by the SFJ. yea! we heart the SFJ!

ps. on the double DL: mayle sale today and tomorrow. 70% off.

January 15, 2005


the karolina bag from marc jacobs is set to be THE bag for spring. marc is injecting his line with some fab new styles, and although i love the feminine lines and gathering of the grace bag, methinks the karolina is where it's at. editors, marc jacobs aficionados and style mavens are already salivating, and no one can get their hands on one, as samples havent even been shipped yet from the factory. stay tuned for more info.


due to popular demand, samanta shoes is going to make 14 of their styles available in sizes 11 & 12. do i sniff a trend?

January 13, 2005


girls, don't we all love a little chewing gum?

January 12, 2005


and ps i fyou haven;t signed up yet for the manolos super fantastic newsletter, get on it !

and pps. i am in love with these pirellis, the shammy shoes, i think my man needs to have some, don't you agree? in rosso!

January 10, 2005


Well well my little kittens. Didn’t we have a fine time on South Beach. The Raleigh is simply too fabu. Cozy, modern sophistication. The very definition of what a retreat hotel should be. There is no reason to leave the hotel unless you must get your Nobu on next door. (Tip: if you arrive at Nobu between 7:45 and 8:15 pm your wait will only be an hour, after 8:15 you are looking at 2 hours plus.) Another tip: leave the ordering in the hands of your waitress. Another tip: if you are afraid of Mike Tyson or other sort of odd celebrity sightings, don’t go there.

Let’s see. Shops: Sarsparilla which was tightly edited INA meets vintage sort of place, (and where it is rumored a sample dress from Zac Posen’s first line that never went into production sits in the back as Ken, the owner, simply cannot find it in his heart to part with it) and C.Madeline’s up in North Miami Beach. C.Madeline’s is a bit of a hike and feels a like a museum so save a few hours on a rainy day to check it out. An excellent resource for costume designers. The shop at the Raleigh is extremely well-edited and has such a wonderful flavor as well as our friend Francine who is a bevy of inside fashion tidbits. And of course they stock our dear friend Ashley’s shoes, so they are clearly on the right wavelength!

Eats: the above mentioned Nobu. Must have: oysters w/Nobu salsa, and the Salmon skin salad. To get your NYC on, hit Cafeteria where soy milk is always stocked, and for an authentic (read: no English at all, no A/C, and waiters who aren’t the most friendly) experience hit El Viajante Segundo, and for fresh fish lunch, hit the Sultan: nestled on the side of the Shore club it’s a little gem of a secret with the freshest yummiest lunches.

The shoe silhouette in South Beach is either high high stilettos or absolutely flat Grecian inspired sandals. Didn’t really see boots (THANK GOD NO UGGS!), kitten heels or any other variation.

Did I mention the Raleigh? The curvy pool, the delicious coconut flan, the door to the beach, the view from the room, the aqua and taupe 1950’s fan-print curtains. . .Sigh. But coming back into the city at 1am last night, with the Raleigh steeped in our souls, we still had that moment of overwhelming love for our fine city.

January 7, 2005


here in our super fab room at the raleigh, there is a super fab HDTV which has got to be one of the most unsettling inventions of the 21st century. it feels like the people on the screen are IN your room. very 3D and bizarre if i do say so myself. also, you can't hide anything with makeup. eek.

check out my article in jcreport, it's up now!

kisses and hugs from south beach,
miss meg

January 5, 2005


which is where i'm at rebelling against all things shoe by not wearing any from my room to the lobby to the lounge to the pool to the sand to the ocean and back again. the raleigh is too fabu and am presently overlooking the pool as south beach settles in for another night of revelry. when i took off my white havainas another woman took her blue ones off too. we looked at them together and mused they might make a nice family of light blue flip flops by the time we came back to wearing them.

January 4, 2005


well if it isn't 2005. can you believe? i had such a fun time ringing in the new year with drew, katie, my honey, jackie, jc, accessories designer sarah lukashok, russell, wayne and jade. lots of veuve, a buche de noel, fabulous shoes from all the ladies including red trainers from jackie, sprakly purple flats from katie, sarah's fab laboutin black buckled shoes. my green gem studded 60's stilettos, and jade's lovely flesh shoes/tights combo. and filet i flew in from michigan. because a midwestern girl has to have her meat you know.

so miss meg is off to miami tomorrow my sweets. sun, beach, my new mailia mills bikini, havainias flip-flops and a lot of self-tanner.

ps. i hear that jbclassics are offically in stores, email jb to get your hands on them.

pps. my latest article in jcreport comes out thurs on fab customized vintage clothes. don't miss it!