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April 30, 2005


i've seen in awhile? hello. i had the pleasure of lunching with cordelia on sunday at sant ambroeus and boy did we have a lot to gab about. too fun!


i forgot to tell you! guess who got a sneak peek of juciy courures fall line last wednesday? moi of course. cute tweedy pants, killer jackets and cashmere shrugs with lace effects. very cute! the new new york showroom is truly amazing with bright pink lacquered walls and a manicure room and champagne and elegant white sofas and chairs and juicy couture wallpaper. and of course lots of candy. and you know how i like sweet things.


to soaptalk today. taping a fun segment on summer thong sandals! the evolution of the thong sandal from the flip on and some blingy new styles for summer! wish me luck!

April 27, 2005


Did you see my article in last week’s life&style weekly? We talked all about bright colorful heels for spring, and how they can make you feel better if you are having a bady hair day. And today if you are in new york, pick up a copy of NY Metro today. Why? Because I’m in it, silly.

April 26, 2005


NO no, summer shoes call for strappy strips, and heavenly heelz! and because you are a friend of miss meghan, when you check out, put in this discount code; missmeghan and get 20% off your order!

wheee! feet are finally freeeeeee!

April 25, 2005


the manolo has read my book. and the manolo, he LIKES it. oh my goodness gracious. i am so happy.

April 24, 2005


Cynthia Rowley, nancynancy, and Nancy Geist footwear annual Spring/Summer Sample & Stock Sale: sneak preview on FRIDAY, APRIL 29th 9AM-7PM, 307 SEVENTH AVE (27th/28th), Suite 2307. get the goodies b4 they're gone.


Don't you want to go and bid on a signed copy of Miss Meghan's book? Then check out the New York City Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter's annual auction, “A Night For Sight”, Tuesday April 26, from 6:30- 9:30 PM at Providence (311 West 57th Street, between 8th and 9th), Tickets are $45 online and $50 at the door. You can STILL RSVP via email jdunson@jhanebarnes.com or call 917.405.516!

And just so you know, all proceeds go to providing local and national support to individuals who battle with the daily difficulties associated with visual impairment, as well as a scholarship for a DG in NYC. That I like.


April 22, 2005


I know I have said this before, but now not only are the for spring, they are AVAILABLE for spring. Run, don't walk as katy the wine blogger says, to your nearest treton internet store and order a pair of these reinvigorated shoes for spring. You will feel so happy that you did.

April 21, 2005


Miss Meghan,

I want to thank you for once again coming to my shoe rescue! The bright blue dress with the white flowers for the wedding in Mexico was throwing me for a loop and I was at a loss for what shoes would work best. Upon your suggestion to get some coral colored heels, I was a nervous that I'd have to spend a lot of money to find such a specific color in a style I like. Lo and behold, I went to payless.com and found what I was looking for. I learned I can find a sexy comfortable shoe without spending a lot of money (they were 16.99 and then marked down by 50%!!) AND I was enlightened to think out of the box and go coral! Thanks again!

April 20, 2005


I got to have breakfast with the lovely Brenda from chronicle and nick mason the brilliant drummer from pink floyd who is in town promoting his new book. They had to usher him out of barnes and noble last night among a horde of screaming fans so he could join roger waters for dinner. And I bet you didn't know he had a pair of lucky shoes he wore on the last pink floyd tour, that were so special, they traveled along with his kit drum kit (new profession being created: shoe roadie!). anyhoo, the reason they worked so well is that they are high laceups-which means they didn't get snagged by any drum gear, and they have a hard toe, which helped with drumming, since sometimes it's
just a little tap from the toe on the pedal and sometimes the whole foot! Note to self: when drumming do not don stilettos.

April 19, 2005


only dresses for spring and summer. going back to my roots. jeans and tank only when running an errand or walking on west side river park. if i see one more jeans/sparklytop/highheels ensemble i will throw up. otherwise its dresses from here on in!

yes i wore my pink python dues on the set today. everyone oohed and ahhhed. and then who did run into but marina and leon in paper dolls on bleecker tonight!


from tanika ray, "i don't know about you, but when i wear flats, i feel like my ass is on the ground!"

April 18, 2005


oh yes. look for me on EXTRA this week. i will let you know which day it airs. the fabulous tanika ray is going to interview moi! whee!


did i mention it was due farina week here at miss meghan? lets see what little tidbit can i tell you next? did you know due farina uses python and snake and all sorts of gorgeous metallics. she will NOT reveal her sources like the brilliant shoe designer that she is. let's just say she is very cozy with many milanese who give her leathers and materials not to be had anywhere else.

April 17, 2005


everyday we will have a new bit of information about due farina. today's tidbit is about how marina is so smart to make a roman last in her pink metallic copper python stilettos that i just bought. the last is the shape of the shoe, and a roman last has a much rounder and wider toe bed, which makes the stiletto height feel like nothing because your toes can move around and spread out to support you. very smart those ladies i tell you.


i am off to the due farina sample sale. champagne and shoe buying. a perfect sunday afternoon.


what a weekend. in case you missed it, my VH1 appearance runs a few more times this weekend, tonight at midnight. apparently i speak eloquently about princess leia's hairdo.

friday i shot spring trends for RNN at a fabulous store in forest hills of all places. the adventure of taking the subway yielded a man throwing up next to me and getting lost in the transfer from the F to the 1,9 but other than the epic journey to and fro and those little details, when i emerged out of the subway station in queens who knew that i would stumble upon a stylists' best kept secret, austin jeans. ashanti stocks up monthly here, as well as stylists and fashionistas from all over the land who make their way to this legendary store because this store has not only a jeans GALLERY where all jeans are arranged alphabetically and by rinse, but they also can fit ANY body type in under ten minutes with the perfect pair of jeans.

i decided to put them to the ultimate test: my long torso, big booty and long long legs. i am a woman who cannot find a pair of jeans to save her life and cling desparately to my one lasting pair of gwyenth blue cults with the attitude of a drowning man with a scrap of life vest.

sure enough in under ten minutes fabulous irene had sized me up and had me in a pair of dark rinse AG's and joes. i was so ecstatic i took both. miracle. thats all i can say. affirmations DO work.

then lunched with sal who is pitching a fabulous new book that i can't yet tell you about. oh but i will when the time comes.

ps. did i mention jackie mason on thursday night was hilarious? was like listening to sarah l. talk for an hour and a half. AND i don't know if i mentioned the surreal convergence of irwin corey, lora's gorgeous grandmother, ba, a very loud jackie mason DVD peddler, lora and i right before the show.

went something like this:

GET YOUR JACKIE MASON DVD HERE!! yelled the peddler.
irwin corey: (91 year old vaudevillian) to me: there's so MUCH of you, you just go on and on. (note: irwin is about 5 ft tall).

ba:(perfectly manicured and glamourous) I know you. you lived on my street in great neck.


irwin: So MUCH of you. then to ba at the top of his lungs: my daughter was MURDERED by her husband!


me: can we go sit down now?

ba: as we walk slowly away: he was VERy famous in the '60's, Very.

April 15, 2005


April 14, 2005


Tomorrow in the daily news.

In other bizarre happenings, I am going to see Jackie Mason tonight at the Helen hayes. Yes its true he used to be a rabbi and now he does standup. And yes of course I will check out his shoes for you.

April 13, 2005


go here and go under "collections" and click on page number 8. the style is betty. i'm a betty, don't you think? meow.

April 12, 2005


i checked out the 5th floor of bergdorf where my signing will be on may 14th (do come! cocktails, a DJ and lots of shoes in the newly revamped 5th floor) and i must say it looks very cute. lots of lavendar walls and brands like marc jacobs, bettye mueller, and sigerson. will be fun methinks!

about the fab preview i got of eileen shields' fall line. hello. a kitten/slingback/mary jane hybrid in pink croc and with metallic details, a black boot destined to become THE boot for city girls next winter and her usual sexy stilettos. lovely. chatted with nicola who is a sweetie and in general enjoyed all things irish including eileen's little boy who is possibly the most charming little gent i have met in awhile.

April 11, 2005


this little tidbit. its much better in print because they have cute pics of beyonce, and SJ and such. but still fun online!! whee!


I hope miss meg has not let you down. I blame my mini-absence on the weather. Oh yes my pretties, here in lovely nyc, it was 70 and sunny and breezy all weekend, practically tropical.

Friday kicked off the weekend with a shopping to do with my honey and the SFJ. We hit the new reiss store which is has quite amazing décor I must say. Lots of tubular glass hanging lights and such. Then we hit john varvatos where ashley gave us all the dish on john's women's line. Apparently buyers have been slow to pick up his women's line, however I think it's rather brilliant -- sort of an American version of the new lanvin with those soft jackets.

Saturday threw me into the arms of dante, my fabulous stylist at bumble and bumble. He gave me quite the angie Dickinson (see third pic down) gone awry look that I love so much. I relaxed in the fabulous café afterwards then did a mini-shop in the meatpacking. Did you know la perla is doing both ready to wear and shoes? Some really gorgeous dresses including a simply stnning white silk full length embroidered lacey lovely thing.

Puma design store has some fabulous mens shoes and very cute pink sandals for girls with a laser etched illustration floral designs.

Later we hit august to try out the new menu, Russell joined us for a glass of wine, then we scooped up the fabulous sarah Lukashok, and headed to jade's where we discussed Nigeria, the taxman, and the killer tunes the DJ was playing. After scarfing some saint ambroeus cake down, we boogied until late into the night, with Russell providing the best quote of the night, "who ever did your work did an amazing job." This is what he said to the transsexual with very large breasts. Ahem. Thank you Russell.

Sunday brought another fab brunchie at the spotted pig. Holly was a good influence on me and we avoided the banoffee pie and headed straight to two fabulous open houses, one on charles street where we enjoyed one of the most fabulous roof views ever. Then it was over to libby the puppys house. She is half pug and half beagle and while she is small she is 40 pounds of packe din muscle. Quite a bicep workout. We chilled at the river with the fabulous erin and had a dog party with deluxe and her mom too.

April 6, 2005


from the lovely bonnie downing of course!

ps. is it just my blogger or is everyone's all messed up? mercury in retrograde. oh yeah.

April 5, 2005


No silly I am not out in the yard. I have no yard remember? No instead I am trying to turn over a brand new leaf and am pledging to heretofore blog EVERY DAY from this day forward!

Think I can do it?

So many fun things happening this week. The very nice reporter Joe from the Daily news came on Friday and we had such a nice time talking all about my shoe closet and the very talented Tanya took such nice pictures. Look for me there in the next few weeks.

Check out jcreport this week: See my cute report on ISSA. Those dresses are MAJOR. Head to calypso in nyc to get your hot little hands on one.

Next week I’ll be on VH1’s best week ever weighing in on all manner of fun pop culture. Oh we love the poppiness.


And wow last night I attended the old girls club. An exclusive little set of women writers, editors and publishers all of whom were wayyy too fun. Cheryl b who of course knows daphne, and Felicia who stayed with daphne in SF last month, and all other sorts of non-daphne related ladies who were ever so fabulous. natasha excitedly described her gold metallic Sergio rossi python stiletto boots to me and emilie confided how different she felt in her t-straps. Mais oui my sweets. This is the premise of my book!


My book is IN STORES. Yes that’s right you heard me. Visit barnes and noble on union square or even bn.com to get your copy right now. Yes of course miss Meghan has a catharsis when she saw it on the table in the store next to kate spade and moby. Wht’s a Tuesday without a little crying?