Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 25, 2005


for june with miss meghan. it is going to be a fun month. we are going to have a fab little time kicking my amazon numbers up a notch june 8th and 9th, which for those of you on the left coast is about the time randy and amy's baby will be born too! let's all celebrate by clicking on amazon and buying one or two of my books on june 8th and 9th. mark your calendars my sweeties! I will remind you!

SOAPTALK: flip-flop fashion will air on the 8th on SOAPNET and EXTRA and GOOD DAY LA will air in june too making for lots of fun miss meg sitings. i'll be at the 10th annual nantucket film festival as well mid-june, and then home to michigan for the big readings june 21 and 22 at borders!! whoo hoo!

AND if you pick up life & style weekly today on the stands you'll get to read my analysis of nicole richie's ballet flats!


while miss meghan briefly cruised around site59.com (couldnt believe they were still up and running thru the internet boom and bust so had to check them out 2day!) looking at getaways to miami beach and roma, she is actually going to hang tight in the city this holiday weekend, which is in itself a delicious prospect. in manhattan those who stay here for the holidays are like campers, temporarily gone from nyc as we know it, and instead part of the relaxed hometown, village-y feel the city adopts during the times when it empties itself on it's empty head.

no waiting at your favorite restaurant, no special time to get up, all the parks are greened. it almost makes me want to take up running again. i can hear the resounding sound of my yoga teacher saying NO as i write that. ok so maybe yoga on the astroturf of the second pier on the west side river park? oui?

May 24, 2005


those ladies at fashiontribes are so sweet!

May 19, 2005


I wonder what the manolo hotel would look like? Or the louboutin? Or the
due farina? Or the tretorn? The mind spins with possibilities!

May 18, 2005


Miss m had to take a few days to recover from her fabulous party on Saturday. And loyal fans have been clamouring, so I am rousing from my respite and here to give you the 411 on the soiree!

First, I wore a gorgeous dress from temperley, of supple pink washed silk with a white embroidered overlay with lots of cutwork, gold and white sequins and little white embroidered dots. If that weren't succulent enough, then the chausseres! Oh! Christian louboutin champagne silk stiletto sandals with tiny crystals in an art deco butterfly design on the toe. Everytime I looked down, I shrieked.

More than 300 people stopped by to say hi, grab a lychee martini, buy a book and get it signed, buy shoes and just enjoy the general atmosphere of the 5th floor shoe salon, and the hot DJ who played the absolute perfect music the entire day. Carol from Bergdorf books (betcha didn't know they had a book dept didja? Its actually quite wonderful with lots of first editions and elsa schiaperilli originals) took excellent care of me and set me up at a gorgeous clear lacquered and mirrored desk and chair. Dad sent in a bouquet of tulips, roses and poppys, which perched on the corner of the desk, and I signed every book with my plum sharpie.

Melania trump cruised by early on, and regena thomashauer came with her sweet daughter Maggie and stayed quite awhile. and friends from near and far stopped by to give their regards. Also I met Thomas, who was just named the #1 shoe salesperson in America by reader's digest (grandma take note!). mary kaye and Christine and Michele made sure everything was perfect as usual and made sure I always had another goody bag to pass out. Oh yes goody bags. The tiniest size of bergdorf bag with two footpetals, naked pink nail lacquer from estee lauder and a delicious pumice stone tied up with a white ribbon. Very cute and frankly more than I got at the Miramax party in LA!

For four hours I chatted and signed away while everyone mixed it up and bought too many shoes! The hot styles I suggested were the chie mihara of course and a few bought multiple marc Jacobs printed 5 inch wedges as well!

After all the excitement we hit the mandarin oriental for drinkies and shumai, then headed home to rest up. For the past few days, with an exception to head to cordila's for a little cocktail moment and a whitney Houston mashup, I have been taking it easy, nursing the little cold I somehow caught, and getting excited for what's next.

May 13, 2005


if i haven't emailed or called you back it's not because i don't love you. it's because i am running around having a day of beautification before my big event! oh my goodness so many to do's. see you tomorrow @ bergdorf! kisses, m.m.

May 12, 2005


i'll be on anywhere from 8:30 to 9 am! talking about women on the street and what their shoes say about them! whee!


but for more than two! c'mon over to bergdorf saturday afternoon from 2-5 pm on the 5th floor and have a cocktail enjoy the DJ and get missmeghan to sign your book! xoxoxo meg

May 10, 2005


oh my. miss meghan has had her very first podcast! with the lovely lesley scott from fashion tribes. isn't that fun? you can download it to your ipod or just download it to your computer and listen to it as an MP3. fun fun.

May 9, 2005


Well, well my pretties. Oh miss Meghan let you down not posting these last few days. I have to say, my last day in LA was spent doing such a fun dash-about I promptly fell asleep all of Thursday and Friday! Well not all, but you know what I mean. So Wednesday morning I met the lovely ladies at E!, then I decided to hike it on over to Meghan kinney's shop on west 3rd. keeping mind I was wearing 3 ½ inch gold wedge sandals so hiking took on a new meaning. It was then I discovered the DASH! A cute bus that runs to and fro and all over west Hollywood for 25 cents. It was like a ride at the fair and trust me the amount of freaks on the bus was like a free freak show!!

The DASH dropped me off and I hightailed it into meg's story where Lindsey was quite sweet and chatted with me while I traded my towering wedges in for flip flops. Then I headed to joan's on third where I had one of the best meals ever. Hello roast beef thinly sliced and perfectly cooked , and giant buttermilk cake. Mmm.

Then I hiked up and down third, hit trina turk which was very cute and went over to the pot store on Melrose to buy a CERAMIC pot for jess and j's outdoor garden. No not pot. A POT. Then I hiked with my pots back over to Robertson where I chatted with the lovely people at diavolina. OMG. That store is OUT of control. It is like everything you could ever possibly need or want in one fell swoop. ISSA dresses, and the SHOES!!!!!! Oh. I almost wept. They are arranged by color in the front of the store floor to ceiling shelves. Teal, electric yellow, red. Just everything.

Then I headed back up into the canyon, hit swingers for a tasty turkey samich and hit the redeye. And it was red let me tell you. Nothing like a packed 767!

May 4, 2005


is what i got amy for the impending baby. they for 6 month old girl babies and they are light pink with dark pink suede accents. hello. i was giggling so hard when i bought them because they are possibly the cutest shoes i have ever seen.

then i wandered to the grown up girls shoe dept at fred segal and talked to dani who gave me all the scoop on what was hot. spied a pair of dries and alaia that i was freaking for. dries: hunter green latticed work leather, ballet flat style, with a mini espadrille sole and ties that went up the leg. the alaia was a a navy toile wedge platform heel sandal. oh my goodness. apparently kowalskis do very well there do. all sorts of distressed cool sneakers with saying painted on.

then a i got some fred segal lemonade which is better than the pain quotidien lemonade. yes its true. grapefruit, orange and lemonade all together.

also. there is a lot of people with fake boobs here in LA. more than bosoms as it were. did i mention that?

May 2, 2005


oh my GOODness. didn't i have such a fun time! first we shot good day LA with fabulous michelle the producer at stuart weitzman. we talked all about what desparate housewife wore what shoe on what epsidoe, it was lots of fun. then i got a pair of stuart weitzman gold metallic wedge heels that are maJOR. the wedge heel is covered in a beige linen that has a metalllic sparkle woven in it. nice. i headed to the farm, on beverly and had an amazing lobster roll and lemonade while the nice man from radio shack charged my phone for me. WHY do i lose phone chargers like it is going out of style? is it an LA thing? i've lost them three times now when i was here. is LA a cellphone charger vortex, like the bermuda triangle?

anyhoo, stopped by bottega where the lovely cara and emily gave me a sneek peek at their fall collection. um, hello. whose the fiercest of them all? ok wait, i think sergio rossi and bottega will have to have a fall shoe line showdown for who is the fiercest! because i got special sneak peek at Fall from shamus at sergio. those two brands will have to duke it out. battling mettallic details against sculpted wedge heels jewels and diamante against leather cutwork. it will be a bloody battle. and in the end, truly i dont think there could really be a winner, they will both be flat out on the floor. hopefully they will then be friends.

hit cavalli, ferregamo, max azria, gucci, and then truly i was wiped. just seeing the sneaks of those two fall collections were enough to make me pass out. as joe d. at the daily news says, the shoes they do sometimes make me sick with their amazingness.

May 1, 2005


the dress is back. no more jeans and sparkly tops. confirmed at chateau marmont last eve. except marisa tomei. she looked stunning anyway with a lovely black cashy wrap thingie on.



was so fun ! charles and andrea took care of me exquisitely as usual and i signed my first check over to AFTRA. we talked all about the evolution of the flip-flop and even Ty weighed in on all things Spring fashion. he's up on the fashion trends! Lisa was magnificent in her fabulous tinkerbell sparkly shirt from japan and all together we had a fabu time!


which is an unusual state for miss m to be in. went to the west LA farmers market and got some pumpkin bread from the french guy who's accent was so heavy i thought perhaps he was an actor posing as a french guy to make his boulangerie table more appealing. i mean this is LA. but confirmed with leslie and speed my dear hosts that he is indeed authentic. came back, watered the grass, hung out with whit the sheep dog mutt who is a bit like an old man, and then promptly fell asleep on the giant miracle bed. it's nice here.