Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

March 6, 2006


*For more shoe tidbits, watch your local FOX station tonight as Miss Meghan will be dishing all things shoe and starlet.

Charlize: MAJOR. My personal favorite. Silver gladiator style Stiletto sandals. She's a modern, intelligent, forward-thinking goddess.

Hilary: Black satin T-strap. The T-strap girl has a bit of showmanship in her--she always knows the words to Broadway musicals and can sing them at the drop of a hat. Hilary paired them with black toenail polish--a very striking look, almost Goth. I think Hilary likes to rock her edgy side a bit, and she demonstrated that with her dark toenails in a sea of otherwise nude toenail polish.

Helena Bonham-Carter: Honestsy. The white patent round-toe platform pumps could have worked as a super modern look with the blue dress had she just sleeked her hair down a bit more. Her shoe choice definitely says she is willing to go all the way out there and take risks! Go girl!

JLO: A barely there Stiletto sandal paired with her Green goddess dress. She is confident, feminine and very relaxed in her skin these days, as evidenced by these very see-through shoes.

Felicity: One of the few to rock a closed-toe look, she wore a classic black Stiletto. This is a classy and elegant woman, who values the time tested, even when she pairs it with a plunging neckline.

Dolly: She wore her trademark 6-inch platform stilettos. Dolly definitely is a woman who likes to tower and is uber-confident in her femininity.

Lauren Hutton: Shoe statement of the evening. Black peep-toe wedge platform heels with ankle strap. This is a woman who is clearly deomnstrating she is a fierce fashion icon after all these years!

Photo courtesy of The Official Oscars Website