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November 28, 2007


I like saying Kamik because it sounds like another language. Which I think it is. But besides that the Kamik people make some very excellent all-weather wintry boots that are cute for a girl in the city, country or anywhere in between.

They are shiny, come in a variety of fun prints and best of all have a really lovely Polartec lining to keep you toasty warm. The lining is an all-important aspect missing in some other rubber boots and believe me when it is 30 degrees and you are slogging to your next appointment, it makes all the difference.

I think I am going to do a rubber boot roundup soon, but until then, enjoy this little tidbit.


You know I love to shop Ashley Dearborn, Ruthie Davis and Madison Harding.

Now can do all under one roof. On sale. With a cocktail to boot. (hee hee)

WHEN: Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
General Admission 6:00pm – 10:00pm

WHERE: Puck Building
293 Lafayette St. (btw. Prince and Houston)
New York, NY 10012

WHO: 50+ womenswear, accessories & menswear sell current season samples and overstock for up to 70% off at an upscale and stylish shopping event. Guests will also be pampered with blow outs and hairstyling by Ecru NY, manicures and brow grooming by Tweezerman, chocolate from Cote d’Or, complimentary cocktails courtesy of Baileys, Johnnie Walker, and custom gift-wrap printing from Epson.

Tickets: Free for Gen Art members, $15 advance purchase
VIP Tickets*: $30 for Gen Art members/$40 general
*Includes 1st picks on designer items, champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and special VIP shopping bag full of fashionable products!

Visit www.genart.org or 212.255.7300

November 14, 2007


Get into it.

(That's me wearing the Hot in Hollywood Slouch Boot in Grey on my last Shoe Therapy appearance)

Shoe Therapy (R)with me, Meghan Cleary, America's Shoe Expert tonight 11 PM Pacific and
2 AM Eastern Standard Time.

You know you want to stay up late for therapy. I mean, why not? You probably could use some feel-good prescriptions and I also have a little treat for you tonight in the show. A special preview of some shoes I discovered about two years ago who have refined their styles and are now one of the new brands on HSN.

If you are too tired, tune in tomorrow on HSN.COM:

Go to: HSN.COM

Click on: HSNTV

Click on "Weekly Product Review"

Find Friday, November 16 at 2 am: Shoe Therapy, click and enjoy.

You can watch at your desk at work
-- the boss won't notice that you are buying stilettos I promise.

There will be more of that in the New Year so stay tuned. And remember, you can always shop on HSN.COM if the phone lines are busy during the show. We expect sell-outs on many of the styles so is always smart to get your order in ASAP online, then you can relax and enjoy the Shoe Prescriptions I will be giving out!



It's all right here. Curiously enough they didn't include Hillary in the bunch, only the man-folk, but was fun to analyze them anyway.

From RADARonline:

If you can judge a man by his shoes, what would you find out about the current crop of presidential contenders? Radar convened a panel of famous footwear fetishists to find out. Weighing in are former Diddy manservant Fonzworth Bentley, Meghan Cleary, author of The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You, Barneys New York creative director Simon Doonan, and cobbling legend John Fluevog. Below, their character assessments from the ankle down. Click through to reveal the candidate in full.

1. Black Loafer
CLEARY: "These are the most presidential of all the shoes. Their wearer is a serious candidate who understands how to gracefully navigate tricky waters with apparent ease. The shoe's bright shine is a sign of high self-esteem."

2. Low-Top 
Hiking Boot
CLEARY: "This guy is casual but not disorganized. He's a totally solid, extremely grounded straight shooter and a serious worker with a sense of adventure."

3. Cordovan Oxford
CLEARY: "He's traditional and can go along with convention sometimes, but he's also a scrapper who's not interested in details, just in getting the job done."

4. Faux Monk-
Strap with Velcro 
CLEARY: "This man likes to be on the go, and could be a real modernist open to new ideas—or be casual to the point of sloppiness. Either way, he's a sensitive guy setting himself apart from the crowd."

5. Brown Lace-Up
CLEARY: "He's very old-school, preppy, and straightforward, but doesn't spend a lot of money on frills."

See who I am talking about on RADAR. . .


Rebeca Minkoff and Due Farina share their luxurious Collections with you at special prices.

Nov 13 until Nov 16 12pm-8pm.
158 Grand St. #207, 2nd Floor (between Lafayette St. and Centre St.)
50% off bags and shoes!
Famous "Morning After Bag" Italian Leather, as seen on Lindsday Lohan! Orig.
$595 now 50% off
Over the knee Equestrian Boots in calf nappa leather. Orig. $495 now 50%

VS, MC and AX accepted

November 9, 2007

$50,000 SNEAKERS

Bring the bling, that's what I always say.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today:

$50,000 sneakers? Big Boi to get first pair
by Christian Boone

Sneakers are a bona fide fashion ccessory, but are you ready to shell out $50,000 for a pair of diamond-studded Nikes?

If you're Big Boi from OutKast, you won't have to. He's getting the pair free, compliments of Atlanta retailers Laced Up Boutique and Priyya and Chintans Diamonds. First of a kind, they say.

Big Boi.

Artisans in Mumbai, India, are putting the finishing touches on the sneakers, featuring diamonds studded around the famous swoosh logo.

Diamonds are bedazzling everything from iPods to brassieres, which got Priyya and Chintans owner Rita Patel thinking: "Why not diamonds on sneakers?"

The inspiration hit her while waiting in line for breakfast across the street from Laced Up. Just so happens the upscale shoe boutique caters to hip-hop stars like T.I. and Usher. Owner Ernel Dawkins expects the sneaks will be a big hit with his celebrity clientele.

"People in the entertainment industry aren't afraid to spend big money, and sneakers are becoming like collectibles," Dawkins said. A mock-up of the shoes displayed at the recent BET Awards in Atlanta sparked dozens of inquiries.

The customized shoes are Air Force 1 "So Cals." Without diamonds, they retail for $225. To add the diamonds, the logo is cast in gold metal, and the diamonds are studded in casings held together by a fine gold stitching, Patel said.

"They had to look good, of course, and they had to be comfortable," she said.

"I have never heard of diamonds on sneakers, but it's a natural progression. It speaks to the whole rise of sneaker culture," said Meghan Cleary, host of "Shoe Therapy" on HSN.

The 11-carat sneakers will be unveiled Nov. 27.

And yes, you can get a pair in time for Christmas. Orders won't be taken until late November, and Patel said it takes about three to four weeks to complete the diamond studding.

"In the hip-hop industry, it's all about topping each other," Patel said. "We think it will be well worth it in the long run."

There's some precedent for this confidence.

On the HBO show "Entourage," one of the characters was gifted a $20,000 pair of sneakers, Nike Air Force 1 Fukijamas. The next day, Dawkins said he received dozens of calls from people wanting the same shoes.

"I was like, 'yeah man, that's cool but that's a TV show,'" he said. "It's not for real. I don't have 'em."

Cleary said the retailers shouldn't sweat their investment.

"I think you're going to see more and more uber-luxury customizations of sneakers," she said. "Sneakers have become such a mode of expression.

"Next year, you'll probably be writing about a $100,000 pair of sneakers."

Chuck Taylor must be running laps in his grave.

November 8, 2007


My friends at Bontoni made the ForbesLife find of the day. And while I espouse all manner for Stilettos for women, one thing I am always adamant about for men is having a pair of custom made shoes. Just one pair in your closet is an amazing investment in yourself that will last you a lifetime and speak volumes about the man you are to anyone you hope to attract - from business investors to girlfriends. Not to mention being extremely comfortable as they are made just for your foot and wear in to form perfectly over the years. So men, listen to Miss Meghan, on this point. You can thank me later.

November 6, 2007


The fabulous Amy Dufault investigated further into the eternal conflict in the Cape Cod Times . . .

Step away from foot pain

You, the woman with the neatly lined boxes of slightly worn shoes! And you! The shoe hoarder who chanted, "Fashion is pain, fashion is pain," while jamming your swollen toes into a shiny new pair of pumps because they looked so perfect. The time has come to get real.

Just to start this out right, keep in mind that rumor has it a whopping nine out of 10 women have something irregular with their feet, anything from bunions to hammer toes to flat feet to arthritis. Finding comfortable shoes isn't always easy, but there are little tricks and I've swollen my own size nines to get them to you.

First, the fun stuff.

We turn to the supreme authority on all things shoes, the Home Shopping Network's Meghan Cleary, whose show, "Shoe Therapy," offers "part high-end runway commentary, part shopping with the girls, and a whole lot of shoe excitement," according to her Web site.

Cultivating a lifelong obsession into a new career as doyenne of all things shoe, Cleary a favorite of Tyra Banks and proclaimed a "shoe psychologist" by Isaac Mizrahi, says thousands of women have poured their hearts out to her when it comes to shoes and she knows why.

"I think the biggest thing with shoes is how it reflects a woman's mood and state of mind in a particular moment," says Cleary. "They're more revealing than jeans or bags, because they hit on a number of different levels and have a physiological impact on how we walk and occupy space."

Author of "The Perfect Fit" (2005, Chronicle Books), Cleary believes that though most women are constantly in search of the perfect-fitting shoe, they need to look more at themselves and their ever-changing lifestyles.

"I think there's sort of a conflict within a woman when it comes to comfort and style," says Cleary. "We see a beautiful pair of shoes and want them to fit, but I don't think any shoe is going to be perfectly perfect."

If a woman should find that perfect shoe, Cleary says, she should always buy more than one pair.

And, she adds there are tricks to making a shoe fit even if it doesn't want to.

A strong supporter of Dr. Scholl's insoles and molding skin foam that can be cut out to any shape you need, Cleary says she puts the foam on the inside of her shoe to alleviate pressure points that by day's end will become pain points.

"One thing I've realized as a shoe expert is to really, really tailor your shoe to you," says Cleary

To read the rest of the article, click here.

November 2, 2007


All the way from Iceland, Sruli came to visit me and show me his extremely cool shoes. You know they are amazing when they smell good.