Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

October 30, 2003


that would have to be the theme song of the lucky 13 dinner i had the privledge of attending last night, since those who weren't in the soundproof studio listening to eric's special spinning, were in the dining room singing along very loudly to the ENTIRE steve miller band greatest hits CD. there is really no better apres-dinner digestif music, is there?

it was an special preview of chef galen's intoxicating french organic comfort food (soon to be seen exclusively at his restaurant, Mas in the West Village) and exquisite wines that complimented every course perfectly. (galen, i know you will be offering coppola wines at your new restaurant.) scintillating conversations included the hilarious tales of parents + technology (yes, my mom still yells when she picks up the cell phone) the many merits of 24 hour party people and why new order is the best ever, philly and michigan accents, sam's amazing haircut, wendy's amazing book, abby's amazing film, the merits of goddessness and the all powerful pussy, and of course what shoes everyone was wearing.

eric and sam are truly the hosts with the mosts! they concocted such a perfect evening where one could smoke between courses (blend 57, of course!), dance to beyonce in the living room or fall down a hole for a quick laugh! not that i smoked. but just the fact that it was an option felt like a return to the good old days of nyc. with save the robots and specials at neighborhood delis in alphabet city. (of course we are into much cleaner fun these days) they created such a warm and lovely chic chic vibe. i felt like i was in a living instyle party. toasts to eric and sam! raise your glasses! sing your steve miller!

pls note eric has the most amazing shoe closet i have ever seen, and when i wasn't drooling over that or his toile bedspread, i was caressing his washer/dryer combination.

October 29, 2003


UGG's are soooooo ugh. if i see one more pair. ok so i already threatened starting an UGG police. i've got to make good on it and actually create the ticket so one and all can print out and issue at will. st. mark's between 2nd and A has been a hot zone. also nolita a bit, touch of soho. BE ON THE LOOKOUT. the UGG's strike at will. and they are ALWAYS so obviously JUST BOUGHT. you know that creamy suede will not be creamy more than two weeks in this city. and NOTE TO UGG WEARERS: UGGS ARE NOT FOR RAIN. THEY ARE NOT WATERPROOF.

there. that should cut down on about 50% of the UGG citings don't you think?

October 27, 2003


when faced with the question of what kind of hose to wear with your strappy stilettos in the winter here in nyc as you hop from festive event to festive event (this queston written in by two delightful california ladies who helped me decide on my pink bunny hat at bendel's). what IS the proper etiquette for ones toesies?

my personal opinion is that you must feel comfortable and happy in what you are wearing so you can step out with zest and confidence. if this means you will be miserable in bare toes with your stilettos, then by all means don a pair of hose. frostbitten pinkie toes are not especially attractive unless of course there is a very cute doctor in the ER where you are being treated for said frostbite asks you on a date because you are looking your ravishing best in your eveningwear, but there are other more enjoyable ways to meet cute doctors methinks.

anyhoo, if you feel you must hose, donna karan nudes are always good. with a slight sheen. or depending on how funky you want to be, don a pair of bright royal blue tights from fogal. or lavendar. or red. or chartreuse. it can look a little outre, but with the right wink and a smile, it can be just the mischevious answer to an impromptu case of froze toes!


yes, it's true. i want to give up my high-flying shoe writing career for an entire saturday and spend it instead with christopher and megan at the madison avenue branch of jimmy choo. there i will be surrounded by some of the weightiest and most well-constructed, beautiful shoes in the world, and will glean million of tidbits for the research of my book The Perfect Fit. indeed, i would want to be interning sooner rather than later as my deadline is fast approaching, but that my pretties, is another story altogether.

so yes, can't you see me waiting foot and foot on the ladies of madison ave, the delightful euro tourists et al? i would be ever so helpful and they would be ever so helpful to me, showing me the character of the woman who finds herself drawn to stilettos. a perfect synergy really. and so much fun to hang with christopher and megan from dallas. we'd swap knowing glances and maybe even go out to lunch! quelle magnifique!

October 19, 2003


so last night at butter, our highly entertaining bartender joe, whipped us up the most perfect martinis and matt the waiter nearly took us off our stools with his spot-on ali g imitation. as conversatons progressed it has become clear. there is one thing every new yorker can agree on these days and it is the exponential proliferation of the UGG boot. if i see one more pair of UGGs, i am going to be forced to start an UGG policing campaign. like meg hourihan and her jeans police, i will begin ticketing at will.

October 15, 2003

ok. so hm. that did not work. any tips from loyal readers on how to make a picture posted? oh goodness. i do need help.

my very loyal audience has noted, and rightly so, that my posts have been a bit scattershot. have no fear loyal readers! i am currently having a major catharsis over a pair of yves st laurent platfor heels. i can't even begin to explain the palpitations i am receiving as i gaze at them. and i am going to do something unprecedented in my techno-phobic world: POST a picture of these beauties that are making my heart race and breath flutter. here goes:

October 13, 2003

auntie mary writes in from redford, michigan, clearly demonstrating her inner steel toed and rebellious side:

"I just wanted to share with you, that I bought my first pair of Docs online. They absolutely rule. I just love walking my silly,rebellious self all over Redford. They have weathered extreme rain, wind and freezing temps watching Soccer games all season. Love em!"

go auntie m! give michigan winters what for!

October 7, 2003

ok, so in the wall street station yesterday i saw a woman, about 50 or so, very attractive, well-dressed who was wearing addidas sneakers that she had spray painted bright, pylon orange, stripes and all.

a million questions formed in my sleep deprived brain. did she think she was going to lose her shoes (tho they were on her feet), did she think they were reflective in some sort of way? did she think it was a fashion statement--her clothing was very middle class sportswear, not 8th street punk rock, but perhaps it was her way of making a statement?

hm. double-hm.

October 2, 2003

do we think lucinda gardens?

true to prediction, tracey writes,

"When seen in the public eye, Lucinda wears an authentic pair of cowhide
boots formerly owned by Buffalo Bill, but she's had them resoled and
fitted with special insoles.

When she's gardening, she's barefoot.

When she's cooking sweet potatoes, she's wearing dimestore flip-flops
and you can see her toe rings.

When she's walking outside, she wears an old pair of hiking boots
bought in Sears about 13 years ago.

That's all I am willing to divulge currently. Restraining orders
prevent me from getting close to her shoe closet."