Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 30, 2004


of women ages 18 to 24 say finding perfect footwear is better than sex. this from self magazine this month. now either women in this country are not having good sex lives, or women really hit their sexual prime when they are 30 or maybe that shoes really are a good alternative. they do last longer and you can wear them around outside and get compliments on them, unlike sex. i am JUST KIDDING of course. in fact i would never purport to come down on one side or the other of this issue. i leave it to you, my dear readers, to debate amongst yourselves.

July 29, 2004


and i hear the footpetals ladies are debuting a brand new line for men at WSA next week called SOLE KINGS. ladies, don't you think your man desrves a little pampering? i do!  i'll let you know when they hit the stores.


now i know you feel as bad as i do about michael dukakis being so put out by the democratic party. i mean they want nothing to do with the poor man. and while i am hazy on all the details of what he did that was so bad, i do have to make note of the shoes he was wearing yesterday.  really worn-in (or worn out as the case may be) running shoes with his dark navy suit while he was giving walking tours in boston to delegates.  at least he was not wearing flip-flops or mandals. but still i'd like to send him maybe a nice pair of puma trainers or pirellis or to spice it up a bit some jbclassics, don't you think?

July 27, 2004


here's all about the show the i'm on for VH1. airing august 4th at 10 pm.  hopefully i didn't say anything offensive about brad and jen or cameron and justin.  eek.

July 26, 2004


you can catch me on WE's new show "savvy" august 4th at 4:30 am, if you are a more normal mammal, you can catch me on august 6th at 10 pm, august 7th at 1 am and 10:30 pm or sunday at 11:30 am (perfect background brunching noice, non?)  here in nyc WE is channel 59.

lora and i had headed to the hamptons where we saw my promo on WE on the big screen TV. because we are both fun we stayed tuned into to WE all weekend and everytime it came on we woudl turn up the volume, look at each other and scream.  of course this was in-between shopping trips to sag harbor (note to all: bagleys home is a FAB little spot to get exquisite little home & lifestyle knickknacks--inlcuding black sea curative pink sea salts in cute packaging), lunching on the veranda of aemrican hotel, hitting the farm stands, midnight skinny dips, lots of grey goose and peach juice on the rocks, good eatin' and magazine catchups (vogue, elle, lucky, HC&G and of course every hamptons real estate catalog i can get my hands on.) it was, what i would characterize, as an excellent girls weekend.

one small neurosis: i am a little afraid that i come off as totally and comeplety obsessed with shoes in my segment. which i am.  but i am also passionate about many other things too. rayray aren't i a well-rounded person? pls write in to tell me yes. (and maybe give me an example so i can remember) thank you.


July 23, 2004


what i learned at jazz night in fort greene: that shanna named the old navy techno pant and sean was party guy#3 in dazed and confused.  pls note the shoe incident that happened to sean while shooting: he was asked to remove his custom eagle embroidered cowboy boots and replace them with 1970's keds because he was towering over the other actors.  a prime example of the influence shoes have on most everything, including feature films. i also learned that the 16 layer fudge cake in martha stewart living cookbook may be an excellent recipe choice for me when i am having an obsessional moment, that the greene grape has lots of good roses for summer, and that sitting out on the stoop in the neighborhood with your honey and other fun people is infinitely one of the most lovely summer evenings you can think of.


"Yo, my darlin'? I like the pink sneakers (01) and the 03 sneakers. Some of the rest I just wouldn't care for. Love and summer hugs from Grandma P"


July 22, 2004


found some new sneakers that are quite wild.  what do you guys think?


just thought i'd say that.

July 21, 2004

the small door on grove that used to give entree to one of nyc's hottest clubs (halo) is again on the rise.  i got a sneak preview and personal tour with arram, the new owner, last night and there is no doubt that come this fall, 49 grove has the potential to be a harder door than bungalow 8.  rock star meets ralph lauren is the new agenda there: lots of onyx, glittering black lacquer, cozy fireplaces, gray flannel sconces, and waiters in pinstripes is on the docket for the interior decorators.  the "den" is a private room past the VIP section that completely closes off with it's own bar for the ultimate in secret canoodling. fueled by celeb events already booked by lizzie grubman & co, i think it could be a new downtown playground and give hue's beds a run for their money!

as it was berkos bday, and the demolishers were set to start knocking down walls today, we had full run of the place, and were instructed to finish everything in the bar.  not entirely possible but we made a dent.  i left at two when the crew from the hot new resturant on bleecker, august,  arrived and started mixing up the deadly cranberry-vodka shots.  but before i did i managed to get a few little sneak tidbits on the olympics in athens from an insider on the tennis committee (no the greeks havent finished building it all yet, and that perhaps the reason the williams sisters have declined to play may be more based on the fact that mandatory blood testing is required for the first time this year rather than terrorism: but you didn't hear that here.)  at her behest, i tried on the fabulous red sergio rossi do-me pumps of the scintillating diana su and talked diamante and constanzo banca with alicia, the juicy fashion exec.  i also talked to K about his latest romance, to big mama about being a sous chef and tom about st tropez. 

i think miss meg wants to have a little book signing or two there.  wouldn't that be fun? oh goody.  i don't know what i'll wear to be rock star ralph but i am sure i can scare up something, non? i am feeling black uber-dramatique satin with red lips. and some killer strappy stilettos.mmmmm.

July 20, 2004

what i am seeing for this fall in shoes in what i am calling the replica movement.  shoe designers are not just taking design details or references to shoes that have been done before, but rather are replicating them exactly, albeit with new, sturdier materials and improvements on comfort level.  it all started when judi rosen of the good the bad and the ugly on east 9th street found the manufacturer of her favorite 70's vintage shoes and went into partnership with him adding more cushioning in the sole and some updated materials and then selling the shoes in her funky boutique.  this kicked off a trend in the disco dancing shoe which manifested at places like betsy johnson.  we also saw marc jacobs ripping off vintage designs in a very literal way the last two seasons, tho he always managed to add a little sumpin', sumpin' to his designs (even tho his production quality does not exactly beget his wild price points. ahem. do ya think sofia c, as his muse, might want to point that out to him sometime maybe?) now designers are doing replica to all era of shoe.  more on this my children, very soon.
meanwhile CERTAIN PEOPLE have been calling me asking if other CERTAIN PEOPLE are being distracted by yours truly.  now, dear readers, if you know me, you know that i am not in the least bit distracting.  charming, flirtatious and fun yes, but i would never ever distract. oh no, not me.

July 19, 2004

oh yes i think i did.  had a FAb talk with some of favorite shoemakers in the city today, the three amigos at sacco.  did you know sacco comfort shoes have a renewing memory foam in each pair? and leather soles injected with rubber? put that together with some kid leather linings for breathability, and customized toe boxes that don't cut off circulation in your pointy-toed kitten heels and we are talking about the perfect blend of comfort and stylishness.  wow!
and for those of you who were wondering, i wore my fuschia and green lily pulitzer  dress to the shoot on friday. over my "gwyneth" blue cult jeans and with my donna karan pink metallic woven strappy sandals.  courtney my fave makeup artist decked me out in some summer fabulous blue sparkly eyeshadow from nars and a little bronzer for that summer glow!
ps. did you hear that dusicadusica closed the deal on their new store/showroom on the corner of prince and crosby? they are going to open this fall into the hugely expanded space where you'll see all their fab designs for fal including the waterproof cashmere boots!  eek!

July 16, 2004

is what i will be commenting on later today. those cute folks over at Sharp have invited me back to weigh in on the summer habits of celebs.  too much fun!!
meanwhile check out this cute site, espc her blog which is chock-full of super hot style tidbits. i live for the scouring job she does on every sale, sample sale and hot place to get every and all must-have items.  i am feeling i want a she finds right about now as i am scouring my wardrobe for something fun to wear on-air today.  cute pink tee w/lace/ribbon embellishments or michael stars hot pink tank with purple lacy bra underneath for color? what say you people?

July 8, 2004

CeCe Chin's "Anna's" from her EightyTwenty Collection. Keep scrolling down for more pics and to read the entire interview!

(And remember: 20% off at Footpetals just for being a friend of Miss Meg!)

Ce Ce's most expensive shoe investment: Jil Sander Boots

CeCe's Favorite Shoes: Tsumori Chisato black crackle leather ankle boots

CeCe's Michael Kors Silver Wedgies she'd like to be buried in


Miss Meghan caught up with CeCe Chin, the hot new shoe designer who is giving the words cute and comfortable a run for their money. The girl who sits up in her attic bedroom plastered with rock posters, listening to her fave new album, chewing a little gum, and wearing Zinc Pink lipstick is Ce Ce’s muse. She’s girly and sexy and a little bit of rocker, just what Ce Ce’s Vans-inspired hand-painted canvas creations will bring out in you. Sold at Steven Allan, Spooly D’s and Stackhouse in Manhattan, AB Fits in San Fran and Jennifer Kaufman in LA, you might want to get yourself in a pair b4 the summer’s out!

What are your favorite pair of shoes? Where did you get them?
Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato black crackle leather Ankle boots that unzip and fold down- giving me two choices of looks!

Give me three adjectives that describe how you feel in these shoes.
Ass Kicking Rock and Roll Sexy

What pair of shoes did you wear on your last date?
I went for a bike ride with a cutie last night and I wore the Anna shoe from my line, a pointed canvas vulcanized sneaker with pink airbrush painting. Super sporty sexy comfy cool.

What pair of shoes would you want to be buried in?
My Silver leather Michael Kors princess wedge sandals. They are almost 4" high and I can't walk in them! But I can't part with them, they're too beautiful. So maybe I'll wear them then.

How many pairs of shoes in your closet?
At least 100. I wish there were less. I can't throw any of them away. Each pair seems to have a memory attached (I bought these when I was in love with so and so, I was wearing these when I got my first order, etc).

What type of shoes do you like to see on the opposite sex?
Nike High Tops, Adidas or Puma sneakers. No sandals, no leather woven shoes!

What shoe designer do you most identify with?
Tsumori Chisato, the Japanese designer I mentioned before. She's really a ready to wear designer, kinda like the Marc Jacobs of Japan. Usually she only makes a few styles, but they are always fun, fun, fun.

Are you a pointy toe girl or round toe girl?

Stiletto or flat?
Flat or mid heel. I have a few pairs of stilletos but I can only wear them for a little while. I live in my Annas!

What's the most you ever paid for a pair of shoes?
$650 for a gorgeous and timeless pair of Jil Sander high heel ankle boots. Totally worthy the investment.

Do you remember your first pair of shoes?
White patent Mary Janes with scalloped edges. I wore them with red tights.

July 7, 2004


yes, miss meg had to just have a rant yesterday, but she's back now to talking shoes and all things fashionally incidental. in fact, i have a few thoughts i've been holding in my head this summer re: shoes and other fashion moments:

1. please with the kitten heel flip flop. it had it's minute.

2. uptown the look is jeans with rolled up cuff, tank or tee, and chinese slippers (the kind with the netting and flowers) or flip flops. downtown it's much the same, but the jeans are YSL, citizens for humanity or seven, the tee is a $60 C&C and the flip flops are havaianas.

3. still seeking perfect urban shoe for summer runnings around the city. the boy's version is the pirelli canvas shoe . the girls version just doesn't have enough dressiness for this urban lady however. hm. won't dusica dusica launch her urban ny line now? that would be so fab.

July 6, 2004

The man himself answering our questions last night after watching the fil with us in Battery Park, about 200 feet from the World Trade Center site.

July 1, 2004


for the "glow in the dark fancy glitter hair tattoos" that stefany gave me last night at my fab abundance party:

1. remove protective sheet
2. press firmly on your hair, tacky side down
3. wet back thouroughly with water until tattos appears
4. carefully peel back paper
5. tattoo is now ready
6. fix it with hair spray lacquer (different from just hair spray?hm.)
7. to remove it, brush on the hair and then wash with shampoo

i feel like these could be applicable instructions for many life events, non? minus the use of hair spray lacquer every time of course.