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July 31, 2007


We love Lily here at Miss Meghan headquarters. Songs: catchy. Attitude: sassy. Dresses: a-plenty. Heels: her staple. She knows how to dress for her body and that is something to applaud. Here she is in an adorable sundress that begs for a pitcher of pink lemonade and a weekend at the Hamptons, no? And the shoes! Miss Lily is ever so fashionable in these cork wedges. We know she loves to tower--she can almost always be spotted in a pair of retro pumps-- but with these wedges, she can also take care of business! The flat sole keeps her grounded and on the go-- just the way we like our young starlets. The peep toe and ankle strap reveal she is a bit of a retro girl who loves a classic 50's silhouette and isn't afraid to be a flirt! What her shoe says about her? Retro, girly, flirty, fun.


This week on Shoe are You? Miss Meghan chats with singer/song-writer William Tell. The California rocker shares his patchwork of inspiration-- from his gospel-singing youth to his alt-rock years with band Something Corporate, you can find a little bit of everything in William. Not surprisingly, he likes to keep his appearance simple with minimalist shoes (what's with rockers and their minimalist shoes?). The key to his heart, ladies? Appropriate footwear. That's my kind of man! Be sure to catch his solo record You Can Hold me Down in stores now!

From the interview...

Miss Meghan: What type of shoes do you like to see on the opposite sex?

William: I honestly think heels look fantasic on a girl, especially if she has great legs. It's always nice to see a girl in heels-- even if it's just with jeans. I dated a girl who would wear heels everywhere, at all times. Literally, you're going to the beach, she'd have to take her heels off. It's like, you're in a bikini!

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July 29, 2007

Shoe Therapy (TM) with Meghan Cleary

Shoe Therapy (TM) with Meghan Cleary
debuts Monday, August 20th at 8 pm
during HSN's Fall Fashion week!

How exciting! A full hour of shoe fun with Miss Meghan and the very first shoe show of it's kind. Grab your girlfriends and tune in for an hour of everything from Stilettos to Loafers, Kitten Heels to Wedges, Boots to Flip Flops. There’s something for every kind of shoe girl on Shoe Therapy!

*And I want you to know, that unlike most stores, Shoe Therapy(TM) with Meghan Cleary on HSN will carry amazing shoes in sizes 5 1/2 to 12, in both medium and wide widths.

From the official announcement Monday, July 30:

"Pioneering a new trend in fashion-tainment,
HSN and Meghan Cleary have partnered to create a new show
that is part high-end runway commentary, part shopping with the girls,
and a whole lot of shoe excitement.

“Ever since Catherine de Medici stepped into the first pair of Stilettos in 1533,
women have had a love affair with their shoes,”
notes America’s Shoe Expert, Meghan Cleary.
“Now, I am here on HSN to advise women
about the most fashionable trends in shoes,
how to pair them with the perfect outfit, and above all,
how to feel really great in their shoes.”

"As a general rule, women love shoes,” says Tiffany Strother,head footwear buyer at HSN.
“They love buying them, wearing them and talking about them—
making ‘Shoe Therapy with Meghan Cleary’
a program we know our customers will embrace wholeheartedly.”

July 26, 2007


Ok, so here's a new little feature we are starting on Miss Meghan's blog. WHAT HER SHOES SAY ABOUT HER (OR HIM) as the case may be.

I personally am a huge fan of Michelle William's style, she always is totally appropriately dressed for the occasion. By that I mean she always strikes just the right note, whether it is a cocktail party or just out and about or the red carpet. She seems to know herself and her body shape really well, and dresses to compliment it. Which is a lesson we all can take home with us! Know thyself! Know thy body! Ok, anyhoo. Here she is wearing Keds. She's out for a day with her daughter, running about the neighborhood, grabbing some coffee as many moms do, and note she has donned a close-toe Keds. Yes, it is still summery, yes it is cute, and yes they go with her summer dress. I love that she opted for these over a flip-flop. It totally goes to show you, there are many other options to look cute out there. What her shoe says about her? Fashion forward, down to earth, with a little bit of spunk.

JCREPORT: Lenny Swimwear

Sometimes I like to write about bikinis. Check out my article about Lenny, her suits are MAJOR!

"A former landscape architect, Lenny Niemeyer has been at the forefront of the bikini revolution. In 1983 she moved from São Paolo to Rio, and promptly identified a gap in the market: the sophisticated swimsuit. Using her background in landscape design, she fashioned a new kind of bikini for herself, a skillful blend of form and function. Her closest friends started to clamor for her unusual designs, and soon she was forced to buy the apartment next door to house her burgeoning swimwear business. . . "

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July 11, 2007


This week on Shoe are You? Miss Meghan chats with Jennifer June, the authority on all things Cowboy boot and author of Cowboy Boots: The Art & Sole. She also keeps a blog that is an invaluable resource for any cowboy boot lover. Much like yours truly, Jennifer understands the language our shoes speak, and in her eyes it doesn't get much better than the sweet southern drawl of the cowboy boot. Hear all about the art that goes into each creation—and what your cowboy boot says about you.

Jennifer supports Shoes that Fit.

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