Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

March 31, 2004


do you ever find yourself writing your blog for the next day while you are still in the present day? i.e. editorializing while you are still experiencing? is this what my therapist is referencing when she says i need to "get out of my head"?

ps. rayray, i am going to be on TV tomorrow shopping for spring shoes!


getting all this fabulous waldo attention. we were joined by marcus, theo, adrian, diva and michelle -- with a quick moment from lawyer kyle (tell daddy what you want for christmas) and his tipsy girlfriend of the moment. the tell daddy comment is what he was overheard saying to said tipsy girlfriend. which made the kitchen, where we all hid out from he and girlfriend, erupt in gales of laughter. sorry kyle, we couldn't help it.

anyhoo, diva shared the concept of her new journal, which is focused on visual erotic art for women, adrian taught me how to navigate the turntables like a real DJ!!!!, marcus brought the most amazing chocolate cake i have ever tasted in my life (i am not exaggerating) which i kept trying to find out where it was from but the haze from the wine smoke and laughter kept getting in the way, and theo and i had a cozy conversation about finding your own style and why she doesn't date and only falls in love. we descended at 1:30 am to pouring rain which almost made me melt since i was in my fur. of course waldo took me back inside, wiped me down with paper towel and furnished me with a giant black umbrella.

songs we played on the turntable:
forever young by alphaville (adrian)
take me with u by prince (me)
money by pink floyd (adrian)
let me go heaven 17 (waldo for me)
love is a stranger by eurythmics (me)
love injection by who knows who (waldo)
and a wild london DJ remix of nirvana's smells like teen spirit (waldo)


can i begin by saying that if waldo weren't gay we would be happily married right now? a man who fills the house with candles, plies me with the most delicious smoked salmon on the planet, lets me play on his turntables and doesn't get mad when i can't figure out how to put things back in the sleeve, shows me his balenciaga book and tops it all off with an amazing foot and lower leg massage? i mean really. waldo we love you.

March 29, 2004


this of course, is a direct quote from mary donnelly. because all of a sudden i am remebering high hilarity moments from AWP and dont want to forget them do i? and of course now i have been completely SUCKED in to blogland instead of working on all the things i have actual DEADLINES for. but i can't help it. there's this whole blogging world outside of gawker and rabbitblog that i just discovered at awp so i have to just check in very quickly. so can i just say i am v. flattered i ended up in shanna's airplane poem? and tangentally that one of the main themes of behind closed doors gossip in room 19-124 (that's my room) was how always amazing, kind, generous, smart and genuine the folks at soft skull are. of course this came up because at AWP there are many a folk who are, shall we say, the opposite of this. ahem.

oh wow. it was a fun time.

miss meg


this is a direct quote from jason henning, proprietor of food culture at august, the restaurant that is my current favorite place to knock back after-dinner muscat and request heaven 17's "let me go" which practically make sme weep. well, not really. but when i as an angst ridden 17 year old it sure did. now just mistily melancholic. which is quite delicious in itself. the reason i mention jason and his quote is that is ran thru my head all of AWP, where all the amazing headlines i plucked there from various people's mouths, were somehow lost in the haze, and so i had to go back to my original pre-AWP headline.

was at AWP all weekend in lovely chicago. highlights include the lovely panel i was on, finally meeting daphne gottlieb who wowed me with the fact that she sent one shot out to her blogging peeps and got like 9 repsonses in 2 minutes. powerful lady. laurel snyder, jordan davis, who is not a robot. tom and shanna who i am a big fan of were there too and we got good reviews for being a fun and interesting panel. rest of AWP can be accounted for like this: no sleep, amazing ribs, makeover at saks with too much bleu-marine eyeliner, wine, gimlets, melon colored hotel rooms, rayray, mary donnelly making me pee my pants laughing, linda asleep in a ball on matt's shoulder on the plane, smoky lobbies, ornate shining-like ball rooms, careful avoidance of all talk academic, late-night saline, and some bad shoes and some good shoes. maybe next year i should give a panel of shoe shopping for poets and fiction writers. we'll do shoe shopping for less, shoe shopping for readings, shoe shopping for panels, shoe shopping for writing. rayray, what do you think?

March 24, 2004


yes i have readers GLOBALLY, if you were interested.


anyhoo, Jason Raguso writes in:

"My favorite pair of shoes that I own are probably my Donna Karan's. Since I am not all down with the nomenclature associated with the zappatos, suffice it to say they are a creamy tannish brown (think butterscotch) and English made (I think). Favorite pair I do not own? Well, who can say?"


i love shoes so much i am currently trying to draw little shoe samples for my illustrator for my book. unfortunately they are all turning out like small gnome boots gone very awry. but i am trying, that's important, non?

ok, ok i will cut out the pictures from SHUZ magazine instead so as not to confuse poor illustrator. but i just had such a SPECIFIC idea in my head of the low heeled mule, the t-strap. . .

March 23, 2004


i did all these fun things with my cute mom who was here visiting from michigan. we both got fab haircuts from rayya who is having her new york premiere of her film "anonymous' about the lower east side in the '80's. it's april 14th and i am going to try to get madonna to come. don't you think she'd be a good guest?

but back to haircuts. mom's is very spiky and short and gamin and mine is sort of angie dickinson gone awry. hi mom!

March 22, 2004


just because i don't post for a few days doesn't mean i am gone, only that i am having lots of fun and am no where near an internet connection. this weekend was filled with treats like a yummy meal at august, a fab housewarming fete with the most interesting guests ever, pussywillows and dozens of pink roses, a case or so of champagne and at least seven people in my smoking room/kitchen that is exactly 8 feet by 2 feet. this made the smokers really get to know each other well. in a good way. yesterday was all about learning how to make shoes with emily putterman who is the absolute doyenne of shoemaking by hand here in nyc. more on that later. so you see my sweeties, i am really just out there DOING things when i leave you for a moment. so i can have something to say when next i check in. how's that rayray?

March 16, 2004


is the color finally chosen after many many many coats of electric green paint and then primer. even though it sounds like a golf course, it is actually a very pretty blue green that sort of changes depending on time of day. sort of like me.

March 15, 2004


and just hang with me all weekend. saturday at westville leonardo dicaprio and his mom waiting for a table for lunch. i guess the wait was tooooo long cuz leo bolted 5 mins after putting his name in. or maybe it was because his i am not famous and i have baseball cap on so you can't see who i am slouch got too tiring to keep up without being able to sit down. note to self: when famous, try to act normal if possible.

next stop: lafayette street where i spied tim robbins in an uncharacteristic moment of anger yelling at a workman. oh goodness. he looked very very cute however. susan sarandon keeps him very juicy.

to top it all off, sunday i headed out to sant ambroeus for a cup of cappucino at the bar with john tevis, my art dealer extraordinaire. clueless moi had no idea and thought we were hitting a neighborhood coffee shop. unfortunately i was wearing GAP SWEATPANTS, ORANGE STRIPED SOCKS, MY HAIR IN A PONYTAIL ON TOP OF MY HEAD, & NO MAKEUP because i was on my way to the swimming pool. i try to tell myself i was extremely post-post fashion because WHO was at the first table when we walked in but ANDRE LEON TALLEY, MIUCCIA PRADA, AHMET ERTGUN, and INGRID SISCHY. it was all i could do to not skulk under the cappucino bar. instead i gave andre a wink. oy!

March 11, 2004


when admiring amy holman's new baby pink suede aerosole heels with brown piping details, do not feel compelled to drink two bottles of red wine with her and friend kevin while downing about 100 spanish olives. though incredibly fun and best conversation ranging from paint colors&interior design to female erotica to hyrdroplaning, red wine equals slight puffiness of the eye in the morning.

plus every glass you imbibe is 2 points!

oh i'm just kidding. it is much more fun to drink red wine than not. and fuck points!

March 10, 2004


just a rhetorical question. all i know is that at 3 am after painting my 7 foot high bookcase with primer, i felt a little dizzy.

it's official. i am obsessed with my apartment. after the day-glo incident, all i do when i am home is move around paint chips on the wall and ponder. then i get on my overalls and paint something. rayray, is this normal?

March 9, 2004


like pictures of pills and ameobas and all sorts of things. which is perfect because that is what mark bibbins treated us to last night at the series. claudia rankine read amazing pertinent work and te dmathys read long poems which i have to salute him for since no one writes long poems any more.


does painting your living room wall electric day glo green and then freaking out the next day in janovic to the nice sales guy who after i asked if painting my wall day glo green was a metaphor for my life and did i always want bold things but then when they were actually in my home i was jarred by them he replied, i think what you need is a really good primer, and then spending all day sunday painting it back to white with three (yes three) coats of primer, does that count as procrastination? and is it a top-tier procrastination or bottom tier, like the housecleaning? you tell me.


is what i wsihed erykah badu would have went on friday night. even after 2 and 1/2 hours of being totaly entranced and often speechless by her amazing performance, i could have listened for another hour, day week. fortunately this is what CD's are for i suppose. that woman is the epitome of a person fully embracing their wild creative powers and with the resources to fully manifest those powers in the world. wow is about all i can say.

March 5, 2004


hit the new restaurant of the same name in my 'hood on bleecker street last night. food was fabulous, owner, laurence was the epitome of a gracious host, wine was perfect. reccomendations: sea bass and tarte tatin. mmmm. and its going to be a solarium in the back in the summer! can't wait. the only problem were the folks sitting next to us, a young plump-lipped women and her gray haired date, didn't really get our convo about pussy. ah, well. folks back home if you are reading this do not be alarmed--i am referring to a cat.

March 4, 2004


gosh i feel so francais today. tres bizarre. so i havent written a thing about shoes this week so i must make an observation. ladies: while it is warm out, unseasonably so, this does not mean that we wear flip flops and sandals (unless they are designer stiletto sandals and that is a different story because usually you are probably going to an event). yes, you can buy sandals. but please do not start the flip-flop schlepping so early. you cannot make the season come before its time. the earth is gently rotating on its axis and no amount of sigerson kitten flip-flops is going to speed it up. my suggestion? go to verve and get yourself a pair of the new strenesse blue pink strappy sandals with wooden heel and place them on prominent display in your bedroom like i did. you can savor the hastening of summer while still being in the nascent beginnings of spring.


yep. let's see. orderign shelves from pottery barn. eating out at my favorite indian restaurant and the ever-present cleaning. oh yeah. love to clean when that cursor is blinking on my laptop. at least i am not making pear tarts. just yet.


not to be confused with paradise, or even le paradou the sweet little town in provence, mais non, my pretties. paradou is that cute little find in meatpacking bereft of meatpacking attitude and full of the nicest people ever. syl and i knocked back a glass or two of a fabulous organic french wine suggested by sandy, our wonderful bartendress (who of course hailed from my native michigan) and shared all manner of info on desires, email lists and french hip-hop. even tho i don't understand what they are saying it has a wonderful cool frenchie quality to it.

March 2, 2004


"My fave shoes are a pair of silver strappy heels. I bought them in high school and wore them to five proms. I danced and kissed many a men in those shoes. I also kissed the man that I will kiss for the rest of life in those shoes as they were the ones carrying all the good luck coins as I walked down the aisle. They never hurt me and they always bring me joy and lots of dancing."

could it really be said any sweeter? i don't think so.

March 1, 2004


except i dont have a tv. but that is a minor issue, one to soon be resolved. but isn't that exciting? i can skew the nation's viewing habits. i can influence programming. i can have nielsen parties with all the free money they give me. we'll have foie gras and veuve and sit around watching public television. oh joy!