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February 27, 2006


oh my darlings. constantly miss meghan gets the query, where to find the cute shoes for the larger size foot? this is a very important question, and i get it just as often as: where to find the boot for the larger size calf? and where to get the sexy tights for the larger size leg!

now that the manolo has come to the rescue on the larger size calf, by introducing us to the fabulous lumiani boot, i will address the other two.

ps. did u know, paris hilton has a size 11 foot? and she always rocks a serious stiletto!

so, where to find the cute shoes for the larger foot?

there are many the online outlet for the larger foot where you can sort by size and style: zappos goes up to size 18, where at that point there are mostly athletic shoes, but up to size 15 you can find a cute kitten heel or two.

bluefly is another lovely place to sort by size. and of course they carry brands like the alaia who we love. i spotted a pair of christian louboutins in both 11 and 12. (see picture at left). upwards of 12.5 the variety gets scarce, but i did see a cute pair of black bowling shoes size 15.

barefoot tess, with a physical store in baltimore, was created solely for women who had size 11 feet and has since grown to include everyone on the sizing scale from 5 to 14. while the majority of shoes stop at the 12 and 12.5 range, tess works hard to include fab brands like eileen shields, delman and chie mihara, and work with shoe companies and designers to create exclusives.

designershoes lets you sort by size and width in their chart, and has a healthy selection into size 15 of cute shoes, kitten heels and sandals.

which is both a physical and online store in california, stocks a healthy number of stilettos into the size 13 which i think is great. stilettos seem to be really missing from this portion of the marketplace -- as if women who are in size 13 shoes do not want to have their stiletto moment!

cinderella shoes, is based in ireland, but you can shop in your local currency and they have a very healthy selection of shoes into size 14. even some red stiletto boots! meow!

now, where to get the sexy tights for the larger size leg!

this brilliant site, called welovecolors, which came to us from beautypluspower, supplied all the tights for the current production of thoroughly modern millie, stocks every size, type and color from children's to plus size. so if you have a larger leg and are desiring a pair of red fishnets to layer over your black tights (*a favorite miss meghan technique to spruce up blah black tights in the dead of winter!), or simply just must have tights and fishnets in every shade of the rainbow, this site is for you.

February 24, 2006



"Meghan Cleary
Occupation: Fashion shoe expert and author of The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You.
Wearing: Vintage black rabbit fur jacket, Peter Sorenen camisole, Notify jeans and silver python Azzedine Alaiä platform heels."

February 22, 2006



darlings. walking in stilettos is vital to a woman's power and strength. building core muscles (including the ever-handy Kegel!) ensures a woman is in full possesion of hersef as she walks down the street, across the bedroom, or into a boardroom. Wherever life takes you, Stilettos can add an air of confidence and most of all, fun.

Let's not leave out the undeniable connections of the arch of your foot in a Stiletto to seduction and intimate pleasures of every kind. and while you may think seduction might be out of place in the place of work, think again. For what sale, what pitch, what project, what proposal doesn't rely on seduction to gain momentum, allies and completion?

get yourself to my Stiletto Strategies© Seminar next Thursday evening! learn how walking in Stilettos is just like Pilates! How to pad your Stilettos up and walk'em out! And what the best Stiletto insoles are on the market today!

Thursday March 2nd
The Steinhardt Building, 35 West 67th Street
7 pm
$12 in advance, $15 on the door

See you there!

kisses, Miss Meghan

February 21, 2006


"Oh, I need to tell you! I went to TJ Maxx this weekend and I was wandering around and I ended up on the clearance shoe wall, and there my eyes caught black and white polka dots, and my eyes got big and I lunged at the shelf and found, seriously, Kate Spade Stiletto Sandals in my size for $30. They are a little tight but I wear them around the house all the time. I have actually slept in them. My hubby laughed so hard, because I even took a nap on the sofa in the shoes. I was so excited!"

This is the mark of a true Stiletto girl. Note the eyes getting big and the lunging for the shoes. This is good, a woman going for her true feminine goddessly power.

February 20, 2006



yes those are my pink toes in fabulous sergio white patent stiletto sandals for spring!

*All pics courtesy of the fabulous Andrew Bicknell.

February 15, 2006


finally, a company that is doing the shoe clip thing, and doing it well. though i've seen antique clips on ebay, and the odd leather flower clip in stores like sacco, as well as at WSA last season, when eileen shields added a chiffon clip to select styles, Aliza Darik are really the only ones in the market who are making extremely wearable, fashion forward shoe clips that are both accessible and chic. i am so so excited to see someone doing the shoe clip thing right!! makes miss meghan's heart warm and fuzzy since i have been yapping about shoe accessorizing for years, since my appearances on WE's "Savvy", and been flummoxed at the dearth of selection in the marketplace.

fellow michiganians, Alyssa & Darice Gregg have been perfecting their accessory niche since 1999, when they launched their flower chokers into the marketplace at henri bendel and barneys. turning their focus to shoe clips, they are now called upon by top editors when a custom piece is needed for an editorial shoot and are heartily recommended by daily candy, as well as miss meghan of course! the clips themselves are made of high quality materials--satin bows, bejeweled beading--that won't look out of place on your jimmy choos, and won't mar them either. shells, chiffon,Passementerie and fur, all add another layer of texture and the classic satin bows add just the right touch of 60's sweetness to any plain pair of stilettos that you feel really need to take it up a notch. (which miss meghan recommends pretty much all the time.) try a dangling grosgrain bow on the back of your knee high boot for the ultimate in sauciness or a stitched grosgrain bow to wear to the office when you can't bear another day of blah shoe-wearing in the corporate crypt!

*miss meg's fave: pink enamel and crystal clips

February 13, 2006


i know you do! and miss meghan is taking the shoe-luv on the road in march to northern california. you will not want to miss it!


Shoe fashion show emceed by Meghan Cleary exclusively at Macy's,
featuring the latest Spring looks from

Nine West, AK Anne Klein, Bandolino, Enzo Angiolini and Circa Joan & David.
Delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while you shop.
The first 100 lucky ladies who spend $50 or more on shoes
will receive a Luv Shoes? gift bag featuring
Meghan's book, The Perfect Fit:What your shoes say about you,
a $25 gift card and more!

Brought to you by Nine West, AK Anne Klein, Bandolino, Enzo Angiolini
and Circa Joan & David Macy’s West.
Special thanks to In Style Magazine.






what's a girl to do to prepare for a snowstorm but drink champers and go shopping?

started out fri night with sal and some moet downtown, then saturday met the shazzar for brunchie and a tiny go-around on the UWS. a nabe i don't usually frequent. however very impressed at the steven alan uptown outpost. girlies, get your loeffler randall on there right now. boots on sale (still a bit pricey at $400, but they do have sizes) or if you have tiny feet, try the lyell forest green pump. oooh. so beyond. and at $215 it hearkens me back to the days when a girl could get a pair of fierce shoes for the $200 price point. yes even dries were that much just a few short years ago my dearies.

shazzar got a fab kelly green deep v-neck cashy sweater --only $95. if you likey the cashy, it's a good bargain for the quality.

sunday i headed off snowstorm blues by donning my lavendar kalliste boots with the shearling spats, and headed to times square for a sephora treat. went way out of the comfort zone with this smashbox creme eye liner and persia (inky purple eyeshadow) from cargo. snatched up a cargo lip gloss as well.

FYI: in the war of the lipglosses,

cargo would win for: longevity on the lips, shininess and richness.
stila would win for: easy to apply with that twisty brush and the lip smackin' flava.

then i hit starbucks for a soy latte and chocolate grahams, and hunkered down to watch transamerica. while felicity huffman had to wear extremely awful white wedge espadrille sandals, she gave one phenom performance. i def feel oscar for her. and did i hear lucinda williams on that soundtrack singing one cheesy love song? does anyone know has lucinda fallen in love? there should be press releases on things like this.



February 10, 2006


the problem with not having enough time (or patience) for fully trying on everything in the store, and rather instead, buying what looks cute in the moment then trying everything on at home, is that of course, you end up having to return. and miss meg has been nipping out to fill a few gaps in her wardrobe, and has ended up with many a return on her hands. the gold braided belt from zara seemes like a good impulse item, yet upon putting it with the dress of choice, was revealed to be wayy too overpowering for the dress. the gold lace undies grabbed in haste at H&M were the wrong size. the silk pj's at jcrew, the wrong proportion. so miss meg went out into the cold new york night to return and to again buy. and to of course, look at shoes!

first stop, COACH on prince street, where everyone seemed to be on amphetamines or somesuch. seriously everyone just a little too excited and eager. however, they have some very cute shoes for spring including a driving loafer/ballet flat combnation with an unobtrusive rubber sole. tres cute. also, what i really like about coach shoes is that the production value is extremely high for the price point. they are a real steal in terms of quality.

next stop club monaco where among the black and creams, i saw a few tidbits in bright kelly green. cute but not grabbing me.
next stop anya hindemarch, where EVERYTHING in the store is on 50-75% off. that plum bag you were craving int he fall? get it now. the emerald green delicate python kitten ballerina flats--do not pass go, just get there. of course all her whimsical totes are on sale too which i love. she is of course also famous for her BE A BAG concept--where she takes whatever photo you'd like to make into a bag andcreates a lovely high end bag with it on it. pics of your baby, dogs etc. perhaps a pic of griffin on a bag? you tell me how cute it'd be.

i slowed wayy down when i got to maria cornejo. the last little bits of winter are on sale and the smaples for spring are there but no knitwear stock yet (coming march 3rd for fans). i got a pair of black wool gabardine pants, cut on the BIAS. um, brilliant. they look HOT and are soo flattering to my well endowed posterior! maria is truly a woman who takes such great care in teh cut of everything she creates, that each piece looks deceiving simple, until you try it on and find out it smmoothes, flatters and in general up syour cool quotient about 200%. also nabbed a gorgeous grey metallic quilted bubble shrug/jacket that i am wearing right now!

*make note: the limited edition fab shoes she designed with keds, already have a waiting list. get yourself on it quick in order not to miss these fierce ballet flat/meet keds rubber soled urban girl's perfect spring shoe.

next stop, zara, where I tried on a pair of shoes there for the first time. lavendar suede ballet flats. not the best construction but for a quick shot of style, they would do. they have a very cute bruched mettallic bronze d'orsay pump with cross straps on the front which were cute as well.

then to urban where my returning completed. i am craaazy for the damsel knit tops and the ruby tanks. easy layer pieces for winter and summer and soooooooo soft. if you want to rock the leggings look, MUST BUY damsel leggings. are slim, soft and warm. get them in plum. very cute. also why is everything made by the urban label "lux" sooo cuteness? i bought the knit empire waist dress in brown. very booby, in a good way.

February 9, 2006


so naum's show last night was lovely--the dresses were gorg! lots of beautifully tailored jersey wools in bright blue, green and copper. touches of magenta throughout the show - in the spats and open gloves the models wore. bravo waleed and julia! we saw more of the layered look on the legs at naum. going to be doing a full report on fall trends next week with highlights from marc jacobs, naum, nanette lepore and more, so stay tuned.

wayyyy off any kind of runway, million poems show rocked with the gorgeous elizabeth merrick and stickerbook. of course a show is never complete without a little chocolate martini and convo with sfj afterwards now is it? all my boys rallied to make me feel better and james looked so winningly at the japanese all-girl birthday party seated next to us that they gave him almost all of their strawberry cake. mmmmm.

February 8, 2006


i will not be attending WSA and instead stay firmly planted here in NYC where i will try to wear my alaias as much a spossible. xo miss meg


but not before i check out naum's new collection and of course the abaete payless collection tonight at 9. verrrry interesting! will report in my findings, of course!

February 7, 2006


yes, you heard right, the name is azzedine alaia, and the shoes are. oh wait excuse me, i had to take a breath, a gulp of water, a moment to myself before i describe their incomparable radiance. ok there. yes, these shoes are silver grey python, platform stiletto pumps, with a mauve grey incandescent leather trim where the toe platform is. they angle ever so gently to the ground so that your foot moves effortlessly in these four inch towering gorgeous sculptures. i took them out of the box for the first time yesterday, paired them with my notify jeans and peter sorenen deep plum silk tank and away we all went to the tents for a little morning coffee and go-around.

ran into the talented and oh so cute kristen larson in the lobby where she and her photog snapped my pic and interviewed me, then relaxed and enjoyed a little cawfeee, read the daily and watched the stampede effects gettting into carolina herrara. then headed back downtown to the office where i dished with jason over lunch about biz, his killer lincoln tobier shoes and all things bueonos aires and rio. apparently ok for men to wear tiny micro speedos on the beach in rio. hm.

right now it's off to barneys i go to meet up with the glam team and then off to the barneys shoe department for a fab little event we are planning for march.


marc jacobs show was postponed for about an hour and a half last night.
see what power shoes have?

February 6, 2006


from WWD:

"The designer (Marc Jacobs) and his business partner, Robert Duffy, found out on Friday that the shoes for their fall show won't arrive from Italy until 5 p.m. Sunday. The late delivery will have a domino effect on fittings and, ultimately, the start of the show, which was scheduled for 8 p.m. at the New York State Armory. "I know how we work," Duffy said on Friday. "Everything changes once the shoes get in. The fittings won't really start until the shoes get here."

Jacobs triggered a heated debate two seasons ago when his show was delayed by almost two hours. "I don't want everyone to be angry," Duffy said. "Everybody should have dinner. I understand if they're not going to be able to come because it's too late for them." "

what I bet you might not know is that while it seems footwear and fashions would be coordinated, they actually have two very different delivery schedules, different factories, sometimes different designers and different fashion weeks. thus, many a shoe is delivered under the gun, just in the nick of time. michael from gunmetal was emailing me just days before the doo.ri. show they created shoes for. he was still in milan putting the final touches on the shoes and praying they would get there in time. not only do shoe designers have to work on the italian factory timeframes, which are shall we say, a bit more relaxed than we are used to, they must also deal with customs. what this means is that your shoes may be created, made and gorgeous, and they may also end up sitting on a dock somewhere while customs decides whether or not they really are just samples (no tax) instead of commercial goods (lots of tax).

whew! now you know why shoe designers are so INTENSE!

another interesting tidbit, is that fashion designers rarely have shoes designed expressly for their show. usually they partner with a fave designer and chosse 2-3 key shoes that they use for their entire show. temperly uses christian louboutin, ralph rucci uses manolo, etc.

February 5, 2006


*miss meghan fashion week tip: if you want to run into celebs, editors, and stylists during fashion
week, your best bet is to head to the meatpacking district boutiques. you will see more action there than you will at the tent, with much closer more relaxed interactions, which makes miss meghan tres happy.

saturday i hit yigal azrouel on 14th street, a shop i had never been in, but had much hankered to. he has really gorgeous jackets, dresses, shrugs, all that are made for a womans body. ok obviously they are women's clothes BUT his have a shape and fluidty that really emphasize the good, and deemphazisze the bad on a body like mine. no striaght cut silhouettes that leave you feeling inadequate becaus eyour body is not a 12 year old boy's. no no no. i hea that yugal never had any formal training, he just drapes the fabrics and what comes out, comes out!

next stop, rubin chappelle, where spring has started to come in. lovely fluid tops in jersey and rich silk. colorways greens and blues. mmm. not to mention the totally intense boots they are making! hello. these are $2900 handmade according to your foot drawing boots, and while they are a little bit earth shoe-ish, they are also extremely fierce. dense pebbled leather in rich tones, details like buttons made out of candian quateres, heavy cord lacing and embroidered swirls in contrasting stitching, and even horse tail! will keep you posted on these and a pic soon. they are the kind of boots that like a pug, are ugly-cute.

next stop, alexander mcqueen, where he is showing dusty green jeans for spring. blech. i could only think of captain kangaroo. not chic in my mind. while i was inpecting the shoes--a few platrofm woodedn sandl monstrosities but also a few gorgeous stilettos, guess who i should stumble upon but the olsen twins. sitting in the way back on the bench, they looked like two very small women, not anorexic or weird, just petite. both in a very layered getups as is their wont. and one in stilettos and dark ankle socks. which speaking of.

on the runways we ares eeing a lot of white tights with black dresses and boots, black tights with white dresses, and interesting fall sandal is emerging too, with criss cross straps across the toe box. will keep you in th eloop on this.

then it was on to the manhattan vintage show, where i picked up a peignor, and sarah picked up some cool victorian collars. then a snippet of 5th ave shopping (zara anyone?) then uptown to andrea's fash show, then downtown to jj's rock show. whew! all in 3 inch black stiletto boots!!! you know I never wear stilettos that long AND walk all over in them. but there you go. i forgot my dr scholls gel insoles and suffered the consequence! at one point i was in so much pain i almost bought a pair of flats at jcrew. but managed to refrain.

February 3, 2006


well, i hauled up to the tents this AM in the pouring rain, late for kenneth cole, but fortunately they started late! it was a buzz of activity what with eight million sponsors, some passing out atkins bars, some giving coffee and donuts (which is what i went for), some giving out the daily or wwd. robert verdi was getting ready to tape live from the lobby, full frontal from the WE lounge, which I promptly took refuge in after the show, and got my fab red (waterproof!) tote bag! i must say the tents they sort of scare miss meghan. these days there are so many people and so many doings and lines and craziness. i much prefer an off-site venue. a little more genteel for miss meg's taste.

February 2, 2006


got to finally meet lesley at fashiontribes this morning at the glam panel. she is fab. you may remember her from the major interview she podcasted with me a few months back.. anyhoo, she was there along with deb who moderated, samir who spoke, melissa and chris who was doing the welcoming. was fun to see the print journalists take notes on the bloggers. interesting twist! then i headed over to the tents to get my press pass so i wouldnt have to stand in line tomorrow AM, ran into a very nice photog from the daily news, had lunch in the park -it was sunny and nice! headed over to FOX where we filmed a segment for sweeps with alicia from FARMINGTON MI. 9 mile and drake to be exact! isn't thet funny?! i love meeting fellow michigan peeps here in nyc. we've got that midwestern thing going on for sure. its called niceness. oh yeah, and not pretentious, thank you very much.

DARLINGS! I have recovered from the TODAY show.

yes it took me two weeks. that show is MAJOR! this morning i am off to BLOGGING IS THE NEW BLACK the fab panel at the W that glam.com is putting on for all us fash bloggers who will be doing dispatches from fash week (me included). i am offically part of the glam.com blogging network and i am so excited. fash week starts tomorrow morning with kenneth cole and goes thru next week, however i will miss the tail end of it to head to vegas for the WSA shoe show and will dispatch from there as well!