Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

April 30, 2004


the most fabulous people at daniel while we are lazing in langoustines and everyone is always curious why liz is leaning into my ear and i am listening with such fervent attention. this is because she is singing me her latest song she just wrote, silly people! she sings, i listen and then we exclaim, because it is always so good! i drink champagne all through dinner and then all of a sudden there are about 100 chocolate-y desserts on our table and then we close the place down. wheee!

April 29, 2004


always make me feel better about the day's procrastination activities.


1. listening to j. geils freeze frame over and over while jumping around house
2. pretending to send out poetry submissions (by this i mean moving the sealed envelopes that need postage from one part of the desk to another. and back again.)
3. eating a salmon burger & drinking coffee
4. talking on the phone
5. sending email
6. walking to washington square park & back
7. taking a sudden, overpowering interest in my book shelf. WHERE was that carl phillips book? i need to read it right now!
8. reading gawker
9. emailing agent to say i need the weekend to finish proposal
10. playing with hair
11. eating raspberry sorbet
12. doing nails
13. looking at joan rivers postcard and thinkign how much i want to go see her at fez
14. inviting everyone i know to see optigrab this saturday at mercury. c;mon! it'll be FUN!

ok but rayray at least i am not cleaning house from top to bottom. getting on my hands and knees to scrub the MOLDINGS and scrubbing even the bathroom floor behind the toilet in an obsessive manner. ohhhh nooooo. that was LAST weekends procrastination-fest.

April 28, 2004


"You are so talented, dearie, and you are a good worker as well even though your blog sounds like there is nothing in this life but laughing, joking, friends, parties, entertainers and wine."

--Grandma P in Michigan

thanks grandma! love you!


thought i'd just say that.

April 27, 2004


the reading last night sort of. um. KICKED ASS. between joelle's hilarious delivery, jordan's shimmering verse and daphne's amazing performance and their collective talent. i mean, really. one of our best.


if you were watching the WB this morning, you may have caught me doing quite a turn of the foot in my pink stilettos. just a few seconds of stilettos in the morning is really enough to get you going. why do i love TV so much? it's so fun with all the camera guys and makeup people and lights. and the cool makeup lady had this AMAZING thing i want for home: a makeup airbrush. two seconds and you're done. because i do not get up normally at 6 am, I LOVE MAKEUP.

April 26, 2004


while in a haze and debating internally while a woman walking down the street towards me on sunday was wearing UGGs and why wouldn't she just RETIRE them, i quickly realized that this woman was walking right next to quentin tarantino and sofia coppola. then a german tourist starting screaming "i LUFFFF your movies!!" and my concentrated staring at the number one fashion faux pas was broken. i was thinking maybe i could will them off the woman's feet with my staring. fortunately sofia herself was not wearing UGGs (i am sure she had some cute marc jacobs numbers).


had the opportunity to hear jordan davis and anselm berrigan talk last night at brendan lorber's zinc bar series. it is very dark in there. and hot. (so hot it made me feel better about our last week's sauna reading at a&b.) jordan told us about made-up south american poets and anselm told us about working on his father's collected works. even though we were all sweating, i laughed a lot and learned a lot. this is a good combination i think. as the learning comes in, the sweat pours out. maybe this should be a new spa treatment. poetry detox. language sweat-lodge. verse body scrubs. sonnets and steam room.

April 23, 2004



is what the audience did on the view today when wendy went on! they loved her! and why shouldn't they?

April 22, 2004



maybe it's because i am a writer, but whenever i watch modern dance i start composing dialogue for the dancers. does anyone else do that? then i hear my therapist saying why are you so in your head? why can't you just feel things? then i try to just feel the bodies on stage. (not literally get on stage and touch them, though that would interesting, wouldn't it? very very avant-garde, non?)

so i just try to feel. but it always happens. words keep popping in. oy!


yes it's true. I TOUCHED ANDRE LEON TALLEY, the man who IS fashion. & i think he is the bees knees. hopefully tadej and katherine will let andre know that i am not a crazy stalker but a perfectly normal girl temporarily starstruck by the presence of such an amazing personality.

who are tadej and katherine you may wonder. well tadej is the STAR of martha graham's circe dance. if you are not familiar with this dance it is all about how ulysses gets all wrapped in circe when he is on his long trip. its about the allure of feminine wiles and all sorts of other things. what this translates into on stage is a lot of very hot muscled sweaty men running around in small shorts and a woman playign circe dressed in a gold lame bodysuit and red cape. lets just say everyone in the audience got a little hot and bothered. in a good way. note to martha graham: provide fans for audience during this piece.

anyhoo, tadej was AMAZING as ulysses. so incredibly talented. and i will tell you that later at the party, i got to touch his arm muscle. yes it was under his suit. but still. and katherine is the fabulous development lady at martha graham who is helping restore the legendary legacy of the dancing. i cant help but think how moderne and avant-garde martha must have been. i mean she did all these things in the 30's and 40's and 50's and 60's.

paul burns threw a fab party at his apt on CPW. lots of warhols and lichensteins around and yummy choclate covered strawberries. mmm.

but back to andre. did i mention i got all discombobulated? oh. yeah. it's ok to temprarily embarras oneself in front of fashion icons, yes? readers pls back me up on this by sending me gently supportive emails to missmeghan@missmeghan.com. thank you.

April 21, 2004


i ate lots of wendy sweetarts and got a wendy tattoo but besides that, a group of about 75 people laughed and cried while wendy shared her life and opened her heart to us. it was beautiful. now buy the book good people. read it as a memoir, a body-image book whatever. just get it. and be happy with your bod!


i am just squealing i am so excited. turns out my book is going to ship from printer to media contacts NOVEMBER 2004!!! and even if official pub date is May, they will be in stores March 15! OR as early as FEB 15 if pub date is April! sooooooo excited! did i say i was so excited. oh yes. i think i may have mentioned that.

April 20, 2004


barnes & noble on 6th ave and 8th street at 7:30 pm. the twins are in from LA and will be there along with marta and lisa and mary and alison and sam and wow, just everyone. just all the lovers of wendy.


ok so the french fries twice a year thing was confirmed by chris davis today at pastis. he agreed with my therapist that they are very very bad for you. somehow this did not stop us from not only ordering them but smothering them in bearnaise sauce as well and imbibing them wholeheartedly. i guess i have to wait until next year now to have two more servings. sigh.


not only did we have an amazing reading, we also provided a sauna detox for our audience. yes it was so steamy many member of our fine audience (including the bibbins, ted mathys, nick flynn, robyn schiff & others) got a complimentary detox because it was SO HOT in there. sweat lodge meets poetry.

anyhoo, the folks from the canary really delivered. cate marvin, michael dumanis, cathy park hong, noelle kocot (who read my fave poem of hers beginner's mind and purple plants which has been up on my desk for inspiration for about two years now) sam witt, and kevin larimer.

on the break, mary and i decided to peruse the latest issue of JANE magazine. while you may think that articles like "pick the sexy jeans they want on your floor tonight" or "john mayer describes how he fakes it" might seem kind of funny to read at a literary event but i guess not since DAVID BERMAN poet and author of actual air had his fiction featured in this issue. feeling very literary indeed, mary and i sat back to enjoy the rest of the mag and what we could get for under $150, $100 and even $75. answers in that order: d&g underwear set, bebe blue dress, ben sherman skirt. so while we were perusing, i found out i have two FANS. i was so excited. i love fans. they are nick twemlow and robyn schiff. and nick gave me a gift (& we know i love gifts as much as fans!) which is robyns fabulous poetry book all about fashion. i mean obviously it is deeper than fashion. but now that i say that i realize fashion can be very very deep. i mean hey i wrote a book about how to tell someone's entire life by their shoes. anyhooooooo, they are very cool and so is robyns book, which is called worth. i mean did you every know anyone who could put chanel no 5 and the rosenbergs in the same breadth of verse?

April 19, 2004


before JJ treated us to some amaaaaazing dance moves at fez, we first laughed our asses off for an hour and a half in the basement. oh wait, were we just SWEATING our asses off since there was 10 of us in a booth made for 6? ok, laughed AND sweated at sarah silverman, whose routine is so tight and so good and soo unbelievebly offensive, (in all the right ways) that i almost spit out my chicken paillard. that lady is one inspiration, yes its true. tho she could use a stylist. her black pants and top weren't the same black. was it only me who noticed that?

April 16, 2004


it feels kind of nice. light.


the twenty lovely ladies or so who took off all their clothes and drank lychee martinis in my bedroom. no, not an orgy, an abundance party where i gave away all those things tracy told me had to go. a stylists' shaking of the head no is a powerful force. and gave lots of the ladies lots of great items. lora in the fab leopard vintage boxy-cut velvet jacket, holly in the flowing rebecca danenberg pink and blue silk, andrea in the mayle hunter green pants, mary in everything black, and laura in the fierce calvin klein pumps, and chrystina in her vixen 4 inch stilettos. oh! it gave my heart such happiness to see these items each have a new life with someone who loved them!


rayya rocked he rpremiere on wed night. the room was so full of love and admiration for her. i mean she had no idea how to make a film and yet she did. a really good one. all she did was follow her instincts. now she's a filmaker mag filmaker to watch. as lora says you cant do it until you do it. or something like that. i think i totally botched the quote but you get the idea.

we even had some celebs! oooooh. we love those. shalom harlow and b-friend. dont know his name just that he was model-cute. chi chi valenti and johnny dynnel. who else? gosh lots of them but i was running around organizing everything so i didnt get to exactly tune in.

i wore my jane mayle black dress, black calvin klein 60's little pumps and a nude-pink slip. tracey cox has been helping me look good these days.

April 14, 2004


we're sold out on seats but come to the after-party! i hear the drummer from sonic youth will be there among others. wonder what kind of shoes he wears. hm.


thinking that might be my next book. whaddya think?

April 12, 2004


since it is a major treat for me to watch TV i wanted to share with you my interpretation of the sopranos last night:

tony beat up AJ when Aj didnt like the cereal Tony bought. then he sent him back to his mother's (carmela's) house. carmela had an affair with a guidance counselor from school until he accused her of using him to get her son better grades. as she left she told him to be careful. oops. guidance man is going to whacked methinks. oy! note to self: do not have affairs with mafiosa. then tony came over and jumped in the pool in his boxers and carmela realized she will never be free of him. he also made quite a splash since he has been packing on the pounds as of late. yeah. also bare-ass shot of edie falco walkign into bathroom. let me just state her entire body is so toned. note to self: pilates, swimming. now.

i love how basic tony is. he is totally in touch with his most base instincts and yet. he knows those instincts aren't the best anymore. enter: the shrink.

other than that it was all lazing in white sheets, eating bacon, looking at magnolia blossoms, waiting for trains and going on easter egg hunts in the country and trying to teach baby jack how to say my name. so far we have gotten a fairly arabic version of my name that sounds like "mecch". he even called me this morning to say "hello mecch". ok actually his mom dialed the number. but he spoke.

April 9, 2004


um, hello. his SHOES. were major. very cool white trainers with a little kiltie over the top sort of like a golf shoe gone awry. from vision street wear in LA.


will change your outlook on your body. you really are ok. and hot!


wow. van hunt is major, non? thanks roger for turning me on to him and inviting me to joes pub last night to check it out. he's like a male angie stone. and i gotta say, all that stuff mama gena says about men is true, they love to make us ladies feel gooooood. listen to "pleasure" which is track 4 (i think). anyhoo, i raced straight from there to JJ's set at the cutting room. can we please note that it is a bit off-putting to walk in and see a GIANT blown up pic of chris noth in his latest made for TV movie on the wall. especially since he is the proprietor. whats even more disconcerting are the "portraits" of frank sinatra and elton john inside the music room that look like they are about to attack you in a horror flick kinda way. thank goodness joe (supportive friend extraordinaire) and katty (comedienne extraordinaire) felt the same way and i had some fellow sympathizers. jj rocked it out with an awesome version of gravity that kicked some ass and after two french martinis, lora and i kicked back on the couch and chilled.

had a fab convo with a person who shall remain nameless from the kerry press office. when i asked when we were going to see the really dirty shit on W --yes i would love to see old photos of him snorting it up, or more evidence of AWOL, or SOMEthing super dodgy. something visual that would burn in everyone's minds that he is NOT PRESIDENTIAL. anyhoo, she said to watch this space. we may see some "messaging" re: the lousy economy and 9-11 sleeping on the job.

oh geez. i am getting irate again. i try not to but it's hard sometimes when i stop to think about it all.

yes, going to the women's march. and yes you'll see me on street corners campaiging for kerry this fall. what shoes will i wear? hm.

April 8, 2004


while doing some old-fashioned procrastination -- cleaning the apartment in my nightgown -- i savvily circumvented swifter's market share on refills by gouging a hole in the top of the cleaning liquid holder thingie and filled it up with murphy's oil soap. now this is revolutionary on many fronts: 1) swifter tries to make you buy an ENTIRE new liquid thingie instead of inventing refills that can be used in the same plastic container so i have successfully depleted landfills and 2) murphys oil soap is safe to use in your home with none of the bad vibes that the actual wierd-smelling swifter liquid spits out on your floor. healthy lungs, healthy landfills. i am a one-woman capitalist overthrower.

April 7, 2004


moet + gimlet + wild dancing + french fries = v. v. tired

if i promised myself no more procrastination time and i am three links deep into the david beckham-posh spice affair story?

roger, jason and i ended up at fleurent. i was starving as result of my aerobic exercise and high-energy laughing on the dance floor. jason tried to scandalize me AS USUAL with naughty tales. french fries and an artichoke later, we headed home.

ps. my therapist said this morning, french fries should only be eaten like twice a year. is that true?


last night at waldos party was perfect. we started out with champers at mine around 9, jason, roger, lora, tracy and me. conversation grew more and more bubbly with more and more bubbly. the merits of the extended remix of madonna's burning up from 1982 (jelly bean benitez remix) were discssed as well as whether my apartment decoratiing style is "too feminine". hellO? i am a woman.

anyhoo, we headed up to meatpacking which is basically where it's at these days i ams lowly starting to understand. people talk to one anothe rin the streets, there is a hustle and bustle i haven't experienced in a while. downstairs at APT all the gang shimmied to waldo's fabulous tunes including a little smells like teen spirit remixe as well as push it. lora treated us to a wonderful performance of her high school cheerleading routine which involved lots of butt-shaking. as she says, she grew up in miami.

jason just about did me in with his signature dance moves. as roger says, he's been doing the same ones for 12 years, but they never ever fail to slay me. if i had an audioblog i would imitate my squeals of laughter as he went into full full form. which includes slapping the floor and coming back up with an extra fierce look on the face. for my part i let loose like i haven't since my trade days. of course, without certain substances this made my letting loose a bit shorter than days of yore, but still i danced like a wild child for a few minutes and enjoyed every moment. all the gang was there: theo, hsin-ya, derrick, tracy murphy--looking extra glamourous, kyle the lawyer, marcus, kim who is the sweetie of a manager there always plying me with a gimlet on the house, miss honey dijon. waldo's posse are some of the sweetest and nicest fashion people in nyc i'd say.

April 6, 2004


is what happened yesterday. ruled by neptune and pisces. hm.


is the name of the duo who serenaded me in the subway last night.


is the name of waldo's party at APT tonight. don't miss!!!

April 5, 2004


i have to get dedications and acknowledgments for my book in to my editor by wed. i am terrified i will forget someone. can i just state right now that if somehow i forgot you i don't mean it. oh geeeez. that is a terrible thing to say on my blog. before the book is even out. ok. how about this? i love you all. xo miss meg


1. reject spellcheck


of course, what i am referrign to is the inevitable lady godiva on a white, or pale, horse depending on resources of course. why do you ask were joelle, mary and frances and i discussing renaissance festivals and how bizarre they were? i cannot tell you. all i know is that after two bottles of red wine, fabulous fettucine and frances' storytelling of the sopranos (which was way better than watching it live by the way) we digressed into all manner of hilarious topics. including the psychiatrists lisp, whether or not carmela is going to have an affair with the guidnace counselor and if adrian will be killed. also, why is tony doing so much coke lately? i know there is still no logicall connection to renaissance festival. oh well.

April 2, 2004


but i have to comment on the pink sparkly sequined flip flops for men i saw at marc jacobs today. this was after i got my picture taken sitting on the lap of a giant yellow chicken. but anyway. when i inquired if these pink numbers were indeed for men, i got a resounding yes. so now i have asked marc jacobs sales people to report how many pairs have sold. just for fun. aren't you curious to know?

April 1, 2004


something i cut out from an article on george plimpton in the author's guild newsletter that floats around on my desk but that is very small and may one day fly off and i won't be able to find it so i am saving it here:

"Friendship is the foundation of social life, as social life is the foundation of the city."

this assuages any guilt i might have about staying out late on a tuesday night drinking too much wine. i am clearly contributing to the foundation of our fine city by going out, non?