Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

November 28, 2003


my family is so cute. they are my most dedicated readers and followers, always asking me about my latest shoe pathos with interest. which is very nice since many of the things i have pathos about, both shoes and otherwise, are sometimes a bit kooky. so here's you to my family! i toss off my new calvin klein heels to you! xo miss meg


it's true. i've been terribly neglectful not updating regularly with snazzy fun tidbits and observations about shoes. or tidbits really about anything. but my kiddies i can only offer that i had been looking for a new apartment in manhattan. as you may know, this can be an experience akin to a full-time job, complete with high stress moments, trips to the copier and coffee breaks. fortunately for me, my broker boris made things a bit easier for me and landed me a sweet new pad on . . . gasp! the WEST side. yes it's true my dream of moving to the west side has now manifested. and on my very favorite street in all of manhattan--10th street. i can hardly ask for more. so if i am sporadic in my musings please bear with me, as i am in the process of moving.

to add on to that exciting development, i am officially on deadline for my first installment of my first book! currently titled, The Perfect Fit to be published by Chronicle Books in Spring 2005, a little handbook all about how to tell a woman by her shoe. Complete with little self-tests to help you hone in on your particular shoe pathos. oh wow. it's going to be so fun!

so you see my sweeties, miss meg is a little bit busy. but that does not mean i don't have time to just dodge into calvin klein for a quick moment last saturday and get the steal of the century. two, count them two, pairs of perfectly sleek 2 1/2 inch heels in brown and black, for under $250! for those of you who live outside of manhattan where things cost normal prices, this is a steal. for those of you in manhattan, can you belieeeeeve? i mean really. bob, the shoe guy there, was hands down one of my favorite salespeople ive met in the city. gentle, fashion forward and budget conscious all wrapped up in a booming baritone. love him.

November 18, 2003


oh yes. and what arteestes we are. simultaneously singing gloria's (the jazz singer at anyway) choruses and ordering yet another large carafe of fruitily infused vodka, smothering our faces in chocolate fondue at 2 am. yep, yep that's us. fellow breadloafers, burgeoning fiction-writers (thom didato, jimmy z) and poets (tracey knapp), just sharing our joie de vivre with the world. or at least the corner of second and second. the lovely vana looked on with generosity at our antics. and then i fell off my seat in a fit of laughter.

just tryin' to catch a buzz, that's all. just tryin' to catch a buzz.

November 17, 2003


don't talk to me is all i can say about sergio rossi. saw previews of their resort and spring collections and it is no wonder editors are practically falling over themselves to get those beauties in every editorial spread. spring is a really special collection with bewjeweled dress-up looks that that crawl up the leg, gorgeous metallic kaleidoscope heels, fushia and white leathers and suedes. the feminine exotic goes island hopping. i mean, if i do say so myself, it's major.

November 11, 2003


if i haven't written you back it's because hostway, my trusty hosting company has not yet developed anti-spam software and i am getting like a trillion spam emails a day and accidentally deleting real emails which has developed in me a new neuroses: fear of email. not that i am actually scared per se of email, like halloween scared, scary movie scared, just slightly fearful. but then i remember "face what you fear!" i think that was winston churchill. actually i think he said, "never give up". either way, you can help by sending me another email if at first you don't hear from me. & in the meanwhile send hostway cheery letters pleading with them to get with the program. xo miss meg

November 7, 2003


that'd be russell suggs, head of creative services at deutsche bank, who hosted a wonderful benefit for martha graham dance last evening. surrounded by the warm suede logs of cielo, we were treated to an exquisite solo performance by one of the dancers and also rather trashy display of affection by a famous publishing heiress, proving again that money never buys class or apparently the good judgement to perhaps NOT don a 2 in micro-stretch mini when going outside of one's home. what is that phrase they say in the south about people who are a little daft? bless her heart.

November 5, 2003

Auntie M wrote in with a very good question, "what exactly are ass-pants?". which I will now attempt to answer. ass-pants are pants that show off your ass in a very flattering way. Perhaps the pants lift your ass just so, offering it the right amount of height. Perhaps the pants are high-waisted, and you have a long torso, inwhich case your ass appears as a succulent pear, ripe and juicy. perhaps you find yourself in a pair of blue cult "trouser" jeans which offer an unadulterated ass line because there are no pockets on the back of those particular jeans. perhaps they are a pair of low-cut balenciagas that because of their dip in cut, emphasize the roundness, indeed, the "shelf" of your round ass. ass-pants are enjoyable to the viewer of the as-pant as well as the wearer. the wearer of the ass-pant feels happy, comfortable and enjoys her ass, the viewer is just happy to see a wonderful ass presented in a wonderful way.

i have also received requests for pictures of the ass-pant. i promise, as soon as i figure out how to post pictures, i will most certainly post ass-pant pictorials for your persual.

November 3, 2003


giving thanks for this wonderfully sunny and warm (77 degrees!) birthday day i've been granted! yea!


so it's true, i have decided to show off one of my best ASSets, my ass. snapping up a pair of habituels and yves st laurent jeans at jeffrey with the wonderful help of eric and martin, who alternately showered me with compliments, i couldn't help but feel the power of the ass-pants, (as they have been dubbed by a certain talented writer). the ass-pant is a must for all women at one point in their lives. as necessary as the little black dress or the high-steppin' stiletto. to claim and adore your own ass is major, don't you think?

November 1, 2003


and did you see this interesting item in instyle. celebrities PAINTED UGG boots for charity. oh wait, excuse me, i just threw up. the only good thing about this is that they go to the michael j. fox charity, who we all know and love. maybe that mere fact will make the UGG's less UGH.


the one bad thing about last night's party was the pair of brand spanking new camel UGG boots on a woman who was otherwise dressed as frida kahlo. mais non!!!


hit the circa 79 party last night at that huge penthouse in times square. mark and sascha did a great job--many rooms with many activities: painting, dancing and lounging. an amazing view from the roofdeck looking down into times square and best of all that gorgeous breeze caressing us all in it's indian summer way. i think they organized that too!!

as usual when the family mangan is in the house, the party begins for real. mark in a devo hat, melissa in a purple wig and sumptous morrocaan robe and mike in corporate lawyer attire. will keh and marta ravin spiced things up as well with hilarious and well-timed witticisms, and elena looked like a star with her ponytail to one side. really all you need to represent 1979 is a ponytail to the side ,dontcha think?


it is rumored that the exquisite uptown classy with a downtown aesthetic designer we know and love as mayle may be launching a shoe collection soon. bags are definitely on the horizin for spring, but from what i hear shoes are also being bandied about. i can only dream of what these creations might look like!