Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 30, 2004


if you live in new york you know that this is the time of year when you get a ton of little postcards in the mail that just say "sale" and you rush to your favorite shops (jimmy choo, barneys co-op, and jeffrey) saying your affirmations (the green shoes and i are one) the whole way hoping that the fab pair of shoes that were 100 million dollars in march are now half-off. wheeeee!

June 29, 2004


everytime we walk through city hall park, griffin tugs and tugs to go inside the gates up to visit the mayor. griffin i say, the mayor is too busy today, maybe tomorrow. then we go to the tribeca dog run which has a pool that griffin can't get into because it has steps. oh well. we have fun anyway.

June 28, 2004


after a mani=pedi at my FAVE spa, it all started with the supercreator coming over friday night to transform my zen west village nest into a set a shoe obssessive like myself would be proud of! lets just say 100 shoe boxes, pink peonies, a ladder full of shoe later, i had what looked to be a nice little shoe nest, cozy and chic.

the next morning, the entire production crew arrived and further transformed my little living room into a living breathing set: lights, gels over the windows and NO AIR conditioning (because it's too loud). lets just say miss meg was sweating it a number of ways. but i nailed my last line: REMEMBER THESE SHOES ARE MADE FOR WALKING.

then i dived into the giant box of magnolia cupcakes joel bought and put on some kanye and proceeded to crash heaviliy!

i had so much love and support from my mom, kadidja, supercreator, the robot, elena, the whole crew from autonomy: jessie, david, joel and their great DP and sound man, thank youuuuu sweet people for making my day so fun! pics soon! and we AIR AUGUST 6 on WE network!!! whoeeeee!

sunday elena and i sprayed ourselves silly with rosewater spray and i made a new small friend who i juiced oranges with. then i braved the pride parade to get back to my apartment. i support the cause i just do not support the million people eating falafel and spilling ketchup and mustard packets on my stoop.

June 25, 2004


oh my goodness! so i am shooting my segment for SAVVY tomorrow morning!! so exciting! i am a little bit nervous so send me some good wishes! xoxox miss meg

Jim Carrey just as he was saying creativity is the closest thing to God. I told you he was evolved!

June 24, 2004

Spencer Schilly's pic of me at the par-tay!


even though that is the name of the show, it could also be the name of oxygen's TV schedule posted on their website. ahem. well, the closest thing i could find was this. which tells that there is a show about celebrities women love to hate. so guess what fine friends and fans? miss meghan was on this show which had it's premiere last night! so exciting! sharp entertainment hosted a little 'do in the back room at viscaya which was ever so fun! i got to meet lola who is also in the show and matt who runs sharp and see cute spencer who took this pic of me on his phone. so if you have oxygen, check it out! misunderstood:eminem is the official name of the show!

June 22, 2004


it's true. the man who often likens his existence to a monk's has a CELLPHONE. and no i am NOT going to give you the number my
sweeties, i just had to announce that rayray is now open 24/7.

griffin is right now watching national geographic show on working dogs. i am trying to give him some ideas. maybe he can be my assistant? picking up shoes from shoe service, getting shoe designers on the line, etc. whaddya think grif? he's just looking at me.

hey! WE is shooting at my APT this weekend! isn't that fun? we are going to have magnolia cupcakes and a crew of 12 in my very petite living room. send me love my people. i want to rock out my segments--shoe accessories and shoe comfort (but in a chic way). oh goody! going to be so fun!

ps. have many fun pics from nff. some of jim carey who is like completly evolved. if you dont know the million dollar story, look it up on google.

June 19, 2004


even though the story was made up, i almost peed my pants. yep, jim carey at the very hilarious storytelling event last night. tina fey, laird hamilton, anne meara too. key lime pies (my new fave vodka drink) were going down very smoothly !

June 18, 2004


ok. do not freak out. i know that trucker hats are over. HOWEVER i just couldn't resist conjuring the one off of harlo's head. why you ask? because it is for the fab short film, 4-Cylinder 400. saw it yesterday along with a whole bunch of great shorts at the american legion hall. i took pics of both the directors and their shoes which i will post next when i am home.

June 17, 2004


new film by writer, director, actor zach branff. really touching. you will laugh cry and well, cry again if you are like me and needing a good cry. why are movies so good for crying?


the challenge has been spoken by miss holly waterfield, fabulous development director here at nff. she has claimed that i will not be able to leave the island without acquiring the green strappy sandals at gypsy. they are kelly green my people. they are beyond. they have a little sort of wrap thing on the front in the kelly green leather. they are divine. pray for me.

June 13, 2004


is what the very wise park man said on saturday afternoon as I and about 50 other people (including anh dueong and amy brenneman)watched 159 brave souls plunge into the hudson river from one of the west docks that is now a park. they were swimming for leukemia--not to get it, which i feared they might swimming in that water--but to raise money for it. we waited until the coast guard gave the signal that the current was friendly, then everyone jumped in, two by two, then the starting gun went off and it was strangely beautiful to see 159 swimmers in bright red caps all start off for the same goal. everyone cheered. i got teary.

June 12, 2004


at least thats what jonathan schwartz said this afternoon. naming it so because it is near a perfect day here in new york city. blue sky, no humidity and a perfect 72 degrees or such. then he played some count basie and then some sinatra on saturday. o happy day!

June 11, 2004


i am not an expert. i do not know everything there is to know about every shoe on the face of the planet (although i do know a lot)-- and i am open to learning. the reason i commentate is because i love shoes. i have always loved shoes. i loved them when i was 5 and begged my mom for a pair of rope wedge baby blue sandals with flowered embroidery (which i still have a picture of). i loved them when i was 13 and gazed at my new brown oxfords with a very thin sole and excellent clackety-clacking heel during english when i was supposed to be diagramming sentences. i loved shoes when i was 28 and bought a pair of sparkly red dries van noten slingbacks that i used as a table centerpiece for six months before i wore them. and i love shoes now as i finish my shoe book and scout locations for my segment on WE's Savvy show as the shoe girl. i am passionate about shoes like i am passionate about many things in my life. i think talking about shoes is fun because everyone has an opinion on them. i think talking about shoes is fun because people reveal a lot about themselves when they talk about their shoes. i think talking about shoes is fun because they are unlike any accessory--they get you where you are going and at the same time state your personality to the world. now what other accessory can do that? let's face it, shoes are special!

ahem. i just thought i'd clear that up in case you were wondering.

June 10, 2004


my fabulous 10-inch brimmed straw la dolce vita sunhat cannot be made in time for nantucket film festival. i just don't understand it. the national holiday thingie. not my hat. my hat i understand. my hat represents all that is good about lounging on the beach. it will represent style, chic-ness, and early '60's gamine coquettishness. lots of winking from under the hat. another fruity drink please. (my finger will wave very subtly and coyly and another one will appear at my cabana.)

oh yes! did i tell you i was going to nantucket for the film festival? am SO excited. giving a talk at a fabulous boutique up there called BLU and will be documenting all the stars shoe choices as well. and now that i know how to post pictures. well. it could be a very wild blog you are looking at week after next!

June 9, 2004


am i getting corny? oh geez. galleys are done and sent. fedex is taking them on home. and that my friends, is the last time i will see my little book before it is printed and sent out in november! eeek!!!

Me and Grif going to Amy Holman's Poetry Reading


looks like mornin' in your eyes, but the clock's said 9:15 for hours. . .

June 8, 2004


if you search on the terms "wonderful ass" or "little ass" you will get my blog. not number one in the search results, but still there. i have to say, i am very flattered. and so is my virutal model i just created on lands end. she is kind of a babe, with a platinum blonde bob. and a wonderful ass.

June 7, 2004


i am practically PEEEING at my desk right now.


and now that she is posting again i am ever so happy. i am going to let her reagan memorial post serve as mine also just for fun. hey andrea, will you tell heather i have a big bloggie crush on her? thanks, miss meg


mary and i officially hand over the reins of the reading series to adam and thomas. magnolia cupcakes, scotch and plenty of verse from mary and me, albert zayden, john schertzer and kathleen krause, shanna compton, jordan davis, mark bibbins,amy holman and jon thirkield. if you live in nyc, get yo ass down there tonight. 8 pm, 11th street bar, btw aves a&b on the south side.


at uncle john's house, the other fabulous memory i have of that weekend was taking a shower in the huge outdoor shower next to the guest cottage, sipping my champagne under sunny skies and relaxing in a big white fluffy bathrobe, glass in hand, hair wet. that weekend, i think if you had tapped my veins you might find more champagne than anything else running through them!

it was my favorite summer month in the hamptons--september--when the fruit and veggie stands aren't crowded, the water is warm and the sunflowers are bountiful. mmmmmmmm, summer.

June 5, 2004


when kristen was 8 1/2 months with baby jack that we sipped champagne at uncle john's sorbet house in the hamptons for the baby shower. sigh. and now stephen gambrel's house in sag harbor (the very one we shared a quick bite of fried chicken in before we hit the road) is in elle decor this month. those dreamy blues. ooooh. he knows how to pick paint, how to put a room at ease. and the plunge pool and cukor-inspired pool house. it's on my desire list. stephen--you're a master it's true!

June 4, 2004


is what i had last saturday afternoon. it means in yiddish, ants in the pants. this was among the many yiddishisms sam and joshie taught me last night. two other ones also. one that meant chutzpah but more than chutzpah (which i can't remember what it was) and then we discussed the merits of mishegoss which is my all-time favorite yiddishism. brought to me in stereo by my rabbi sarah lukashok. it is really a wonderful catch-all for many things that i find go on in my life and in this city.

but that is not the POINT of last night. the POINT was that wendy had yet another fabulous party to celebrate her phenom success with so many fun peeps at city bakery where chocolate chip cookes, homemade marshmallows and coconut blueberry tarts were simply SET OUT on BIG TRAYS. i am very, very surprised no one did a face dive into any of these massive sugar displays. anyhoo, so many nice peeps: john and roomate catie rosemurgy, katty, allison castillo (of sweet paprika fame), the above mentioned sam saturn, karen kline and her fiance, sarah the shoe whore, randy eismann (with whom i share fond michigan accent memories), and wendy herself looking stunning in a fab black and red dress w/red sweet cardigan ensemble.

June 2, 2004


i am only saying this because griffin has presented me with much poop in the last two days. i am sure it is a sign of his undying affection, and so poop will have to be my friend until this puppy develops a new way to show his love. i'd go for kisses, hugs and jewelry as alternatives.

June 1, 2004


bookmark that page my sweeties!!! oooh. how exciting.


at elizabeth charles while elena tried one fabulous dresses (and came away with two lovely pieces---one, a gunmetal grey silk jersey affair and one a champagne silk two-piece)i was taking in the shoe designs of aussie terry biviano. particulary fetching? her spring green satin thong ankle bootie (ooooh sounds so sexy even just saying it!) and her cutout pump. a pointy-toed pump with tearddrops and scallops cut out along the sides and filled in with clear plastic. in one shot it looked as if there were glitter on the models foot and it got me to thinking--what about foot glitter as the newest shoe accoutrement? for women only pls. in sandals. don't you think?

oh my gosh! and how could i forget? her pink satin stiletto, knee-high boots with three layers of ostrich feathers in fuschia, pink and white. eeek!