Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

December 26, 2003


here i am in michigan where we had a very lovely white christmas. just enough snow on the ground to give it a little dusting of magic.

unfortunately the lovely holiday was slightly overshadowed by the sighting of a not-so-nattily dressed woman (read extremly schlumpy & unkempt) wearing her brand new PINK UGG BOOTS at the mall on tuesday. i am offically afraid of UGGS. they seem to be taking over the world and i wonder if they have been planted by some otherworldy terrestrial body who is trying to infiltrate us by fooling people into thinking that UGGS are an upscale version of the house slipper and as such can be worn with much the same outfit as the one you wore to bed last night. this is not good, no not good at all.

December 21, 2003


baby blue cowboy boots.


you can wear the very chic, uber-feminine keyte lavender suede boots with lilac shearling attached leg-warmers instead. just as warm. just as wintry. just as comfy-cozy. just as flat to the ground. but soooooo much more pretty.

December 18, 2003


From Trendcentral.com today:
"With Ugg boots becoming as ubiquitous as trucker hats, true stylesetters are turning to alternatives such as duck boots and retro moon boots."

what this means is now i will be tortured bye very LES scenseter and NYU student sporting every god-awful permutation of the once-defunct (for a good reason) moon boot. i can picture them in their synthetic man-made aubergine/purple lightening zig-zag patterns. their crumbling foam insides. their spongy puffiness. oy.

December 16, 2003

we all know the dirty little shoe secret that sigersons, even though their styles are indeed fetching, their production is often not quite up to snuff. it's more than one pair i have heard of that disintegrates after just a few wears (this is why we only buy sigersons at their sample sale in the summer when everything is two for $199). anyhoo, said sigersons were selling at the otter on bleecker street, when customers started returning them in droves. they were quite literally falling apart after a wearing or none. so the owner of otter returned them to sigerson. and sigerson promptly returned with a little lawsuit which the otter promptly won. now can you imagine trying to sue someone for returning your shoddily produced shoes? oh goodness.

December 15, 2003


this is what i was informed by a very nice nice slovak man who is currently here from the czech republic helping on the second avenue subway. apparently we americans have trouble building tunnels properly so he was here to help. and also to party at the holiday fete i attended sat eve, in the company of many fellow michigan alumni. a big fabulous loft penthouse in hell's kitchen gave way to many an engaging convo on the state of chick lit as well as a few raise your hands moments to 'crazy in love'. thorugh it all apparently my sharp voice rang out.

December 12, 2003


but in the very best possibly way. this is what happens when you drink three vodkas and stay out until 4 am. oh goodness. caught the jj/lucy show at crash mansion. very cool spot, kind of like the cool parents in your suburban neighborhood's basement who always had a lot of good vodka around and probably hosted the occasional key party. slate stones, low ceilings and low banquettes. crash as the new bowery ballroom? hm. don't know yet. but sound was good even though the bartendresses were slightly surly. ok a lot surly.

the show was awesome, jj giving one of their best gigs to date in my humble opinion, and chilling with all theposse at sweet and vicious after, and topping itoff with a late night-snack at florent. such fond memories i have of that place. one of my very first new york kisses were shared there, while i was wrapped in a giant plush coat from the 60's, on my wayhome from a messy night at ludlow bar. (should i say who with? oh no, i never kiss and tell.)

those were the days. now, i'm, ahem, a bit bit more sedate, but you still can't beat the crowd there. has just a lovely twinge of the old-school new yorkiness we loved so much, with lots of conspicious breaks to the bathroom mid-meal and a few drag queens sprinkled here and there. sigh.

December 9, 2003


remember backin the spring when E! filmed JJ for Wild On? well it's finally on. see JJ's site. he is really rockin' it these days. & if you are in NYC you dont want to miss thursday's show .


various thoughts shoe related that were flitting across my consciousness

--how did the UGG proliferate itself down to the carolinas? from my shoe reporters in the south it seems they have started to take over the eastern seaboard. this is scary.

--how does one store an extraordinary boot collection in a regular sized manhattan apartment without smushing them?

--and what to do for new years? pastis? party at new abode? LA? new years is always a stressor. and all i really want out of it is the glamour of a quiet dinner with my cutie, the ability to look outside into other people's apartments as they celebrate with quiet glamourous dinners and a reason to wear my new jimmy choos with the turquoise brooches. and a kiss at midnight of course. well, many kisses.


yes thats me. the only lame excuse i can offer is that i was packing up and moved in the middle of our very first blizaard of the winter here in nyc. boris and george, my faithful movers braved six flights of stairs and near white out conditions to move my precious shoe collection (among other bits and bobs) to my new abode across town. even though it's probably only a mile, it feels like a whole new world folks. oh yes indeedy. the feeling of calm that descends upon me when i enter my new flat every night, is quite amazing! now for where to put all those shoes.