Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

September 4, 2004


just kidding. its the holiday weekend here in nyc and i must say it is ever so pleasant. lots of room on the west wide pier for watching the sunset, all my fave restaurants are empty and all the people who are still here are the sort of people you like to hang with. like jason and k, or the supercreator or lora or my honey.

friday nite went all the wayy to bushwick for the sneaker pimps exhibition. i was scarit but my honey held my hand. anyhoo we got there and ran into peter fahey, teh brainchild behind the whole event, and checked out sneaks by jb, linda zachs and a whole bunch of cool artists and designers. jason bass showed me his cool new ski boots with the kickass lasered designs in the leather--the only skibots ever to be laser etched. david gensler showed us around and lora and jj ran by us sweating out into the cool night air. it was quite a steamroom in there but made for much fun as we watched the spntaneous danceoff that took place in the middle of the floor.

the rest of the weekend was a lot of lazing about, eating yummy homecookin' and checking out the west side side pier. now i am just sitting here thinking about all the teen shoe trends i am going to talk about tomorrow morning on the WB new york. eeek! watch for me, i'l be wearing a fuschia turleneck and some ashley dearbon pointy toe flats with snails on them!!