Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

October 29, 2004


so when today show called for extra panelists i went up! at 8 am i arrived to mass chaos on the set as katie, al and company prepared for their costumes and a million cute kids in hilarious bear et al getups! but goddess knows best, and while they had too many people on set and didn't need miss meg for an extra body, miss meg did get to meet the most fabulous pomeranian, lola, who was there for pet dress-up ideas. now i dont know if you know this, but i am currently obsessed with pomeranians, and they magically have been appearing wherever i go lately, leading me to believe that goddess wants me to be the proud owner of a girl pomeranian very soon. i think griffin will love a girl pomeranian sister and i think i like the name jemma. what say you dear reader? isnt that toooo cute?