Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

October 10, 2005


thats right. 8th grade reunion here in downtown farmington. gotta love it. so many peeps came out and all of them asked me to look at their shoes. and i have to say there was a pretty great selection. from angie and heather's black stiletto boots to carla's round toed brown patent pumps, to mike's state trooper casual lace-ups to scott thompson slip on loafers (man on the go!) there was quite a variety i must say. i sipped vernors and caught up with kerry and dana and carla and dee and cindi and jack and shannon and jim and cristina and scott and mark fraser and kevin and his wife and heidi dillion who didnt look like heidi dillon at all! wow I know i am forgetting people here. paul and his wife bravely donated their first night out since having their babe to our reunion which i found admirable. she had MAJOR shoes on by the way--uber stilettos! i love it when moms rock it!!