Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

April 19, 2006


the pile of ebay items keeps growing in my living room. there are paper and denim jeans, balenciaga pants, necklaces never worn, pink wood platform sandals also never worn and not even out of the box (gasp!), and i bring all sorts of new things IN. silver sergio rossi sandals, rose colored tanks from urban outfitters where i get my obsession for extra long tank tops regularly sated, and a new cut and color that even made my hairdresser gasp. I dont think it looks that different but he sure did. "the blondest i would ever take you" gasped he.

NOW however, what to do with all your winter boots my dears? shove them in the back of your closet and cringe come fall when you take them out covered in dust and all smushed up? no no! you put them in the boot box! hello! clear plastic boxes, eminently stackable and easy to see through. can also be used for storing your winter bag collection! kisses!