Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 18, 2006


from Buffy, a clog girl in Reno

"The time has come to stop my resistance and surrender. Surrender to the retirement of my favorite, my trusted pair of shoes. In 1999 I purchased from L.L. Bean a pair of deep brown leather clogs. So comfy, so water resistant, so adventurous, so everything.......they have been my trusty traveling companion for seven years walking city streets in San Francisco, Washington D.C., London, Paris, New York City.......hiking the Highlands of Scotland, and the rugged coasts of Ireland, and the iron rich hills of Nevada......plus about twenty states and a few more countries in between. In fact, for the last seven years I haven't been anywhere on this planet without my much loved clogs.

But in the last year they have become very worn down and just last week I noticed a sizable crack in the heel. My shoe doctor gave me the grave news that there's nothing he could do to rejuvenate them. The time has come to put them down. I do believe that I am more attached to my clogs than I ever was to my now ex husband!

Thus, I set some time aside this weekend for a proper celebration of life/memorial service for my clogs and also time to head to the malls in search of new pair. I called L.L. Bean for a replacement, but they no longer make the version I bought so many years ago. Letting go is hard to do.......but I must be a Woman and suck it up and go shoe shopping!"

*notice the stages of grief, denial, acceptance and then the regenerating energy of shoe shopping. a true clog girl.