Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 29, 2006


perhaps you have a long commute in the morning? perhaps you have to look semi-professional to and fro? or perhaps even the flip-flops have done damage to your back from days on end of city wear? whatever the reason, here are a few Miss Meghan-sanctioned flip-flop alternatives to rock this summer!

1) Seychelles sweet jade green Ballet Flat.
I like this because it has sturdy heel support and a rubber sole for extra cushioning on hard city streets.

2) Get your funk on with some tie-dyed skimmer flats!

3) If you must go sneaker, Miss Meghan looooooves the Tretorn!!!

4) The ever chic Delman! this one is major because it has a hidden slight wedge heel inside the sole giving you a little lift up! Or lift off. Either way.

5) Or get your fabulous on with the Fabia. Yes we know what it rhymes with.