Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

December 21, 2006


what a morning miss meghan had here in her own little 'hood. first, a workout with dave, my fab trainer who makes me lift 35 pound weights. what? then breakfast at the new hotspot cafe cluny (who knew they were doing breakfast? organic eggs and multigrain toast and one of the best cappucinos i've had in awhile.) hilary swank popped in for breakfast while i was reading my horoscope in the daily news. not a stitch of makeup and she is totally gorg. then i hit shelly steffee where mimi and i rocked out to new order and i told her stories about bobby dinges the star basketball player at u of d high who played me blue monday for the first time in his basement in rosedale park and how i taped bizarre love triangle off the radio on a CASSETTE tape people, the first time it was ever played on detroit radio. such nostalgia. ok so shelly makes these PANTS. they are magic pants and i almost do NOT want to tell you about them because they are so MAJOR that once i talk about it then every other woman knows and once they try them on they will buy them. they are GENIUS. black wool full leg cut trousers with a waistband that is super soft jersey, kinda like preggy pants but way more super chic. brilliant. what woman's weight doesn't fluctuate during the month? i mean these are the perfect pants. perfect.