Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

January 16, 2007


You may think I wept or sobbed. You may think I was despondent for days. You may think I went into a chocolate eating frenzy. But no, none of these fates befell moi. Instead, I bought one pair Costume National hunter green-black three-inch pumps, one pair Loeffler Randall creme patent leather ballet flats, two pair Loeffler Randal ankle strap stilettos (in black suede and silver mettallic) and one pair L'Autre Chose creme caramel platform boots. Returning: 2 pair Loeffler's and one pair L'autre. This leaves me with the Costume and the Loeffler flats--both of which I wore all weekend long. They are delicious, beyond delicous. Why no Alaia you ask, and why am I so calm? Sometimes the shoe just does not fit. Then you must be practical with yourself and you must face the truth, and that is what I did right there in Bergdorf. I am a strong woman, I know.