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February 28, 2007


Faryl Robin Morse is the founder and creative director of Farylrobin Footwear, one of the few fashion forward lines that do not cost an arm and a leg, and are actually, (gasp!) comfortable. Rachael Ray is a huge fan among many of downtown fashion-savvy girls who dig Faryl's funky designs.

Faryl discovered her passion for shoes at the tender age of sixteen. Born and raised in Manhattan, she developed a discerning eye for fashion and, like most teenage girls, salivated after the trends she so diligently followed. In order to pay off an exorbitant clothing debt to her mother, Faryl began selling shoes at Kenneth Cole. In 2001, Faryl decided to put her love for footwear to the test and create her own line. Since then, sales have doubled every year--fast forward to 2004 when she was named one of Footwear News’ Top Women Shoe Designers. We caught up with Faryl as she took a break from her busy schedule of running her business and raising her two small children to talk shoe with Miss Meghan.

What are you favorite pair of shoes and why do you love them so much?

Right now I am in love with one of my own boots, the Edie. I wear them all the time because they are flat, comfortable and easy to walk in. The shaft of the boot fits just right around my calf so it looks sexy in an "I’m not trying” sort of way, and they go with everything-- tucked into skinny jeans or with boot-cut jeans over top. I really love them with dresses and skirts – both day and night – which is great for me, because I love dresses.

Where did you get them?

I bought them at Bloomingdales. And, yes, I had to buy them! We sold out of the boot completely before I had the chance to pull a pair from our own inventory.

What type of shoes do you like to see on the opposite sex?

I find a man in boots or sneakers completely rugged and sexy. This is ironic, because my husband is in finance and has to go to work in a suit and really nice shoes everyday. So when it’s the weekend and he gets to loosen up a bit, I love it!

Most you ever paid for a pair of shoes? Least?

The most I ever paid was $1,500 for a pair of Sergio Rossi over-the-knee boots a few years ago. They are gorgeous and I love them – but I’ve never worn them! They’re beautiful but I just don’t feel comfortable in them. I couldn’t stop from buying them, though, and I do like looking at them in my closet.

The least? Havianas.

Your best shoe purchase? Worst?

My very first pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. They are a D’Orsay pump and are so sexy, and they still sell the pattern. I love them for what they represented, it was my first expensive shoe purchase and I felt like a woman.

The worst pair of shoes that I purchased was a Louboutin strappy sandal - not because the shoe wasn’t beautiful but they made my feet look like sausages and I couldn’t walk in them. There is nothing less attractive than a woman in pain because of her shoes!

Pair of shoes you want to be buried in?

Today? No thank you.

Shoes you wore on your last date?

My husband and I still date so this is a reasonable question. The last shoe I wore was mine, called the Farley in black, it looked really elegant with the black dress that I wore and is very, very, very comfortable.

Shoes you were wearing for your first kiss?

Sky blue pro keds. The thought of them still makes me happy.

What pair of shoes changed your life?

I’ll never forget, it was the Kenneth Cole Tokubei in white, the year was 1984. If Kenneth reads this, I am sure he will smile. As soon as I started working in Kenneth’s first New York retail store, I knew that the shoe business was for me. That job, that boot and Kenneth changed my life. It’s the reason I’m here today!

If you could buy a pair of shoes for someone, who would you buy for and why?

I would give anything to find the perfect shoe for my father. He has wide feet and arthritis, so it’s really hard for him to find a comfortable shoe. I would love to find him a shoe that feels good and looks beautiful – because he is a beautiful man and I love him.

What shoes would you wear if no one was looking?

Actually, I wear these really old Uggs in the garden sometimes. I won’t wear them on the street because honestly, I can’t stand looking at women in Uggs any more. I feel about them the way I feel about a song that I overplayed on my i-Pod. Enough!

Pointy or round toe?


Stiletto or flat?


On men you prefer:

Wingtip or cool sneaker? Cool sneaker.

Faryl's favorite good cause:

One of my favorites is the ABC Carpet and Home’s Gifts of Compassion Program, which allows you to donate to a number of causes ranging from the environment to education to women in Afghanistan. You can make a donation in someone’s name to the cause that you feel that person would most relate to. This holiday season I actually gave everybody that I know the “gift of giving” and made a donation in their honor to a number of different causes.

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