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May 30, 2007


Get ready to laugh until you can’t breathe as the Sklar brothers Jason and Randy join Miss Meghan for another episode of Shoe Are You? Get the behind the scenes scoop on the set of Entourage and learn all about the value of a nice pair of Pradas. If anything, the Sklars teach us that men can like sports and shoes at the same time! Who knew?

Jason and Randy are big supporters of the 52nd Street Project, the Young Storytellers Foundation, and National Public Radio. See what they’re all about!

And listen to my new theme music composed and performed by JJ Appleton.

Click here to listen to the podcast on itunes.
Click here to listen to the podcast on podshow.

May 22, 2007


Welcome my dearies to my *new* weekly podcast series, Shoe are You? (TM)!

Our written interviews were so popular I have decided to turn them into a delicious audio interview series for your listening pleasure. Check in every Wednesday morning to download and listen. You can take Miss Meghan and Shoe are You’s? on the subway with you or listen at work for a little fun break–anytime you want to tune in to hear interesting people talk about their work and reveal some deep dark shoe secrets to the shoe psychologist.

Look forward to interviews with Heather MacElhatton, Najwa Moses, Jason and Randy Sklar, Gretta Monahan, CeCe Chin, JJ Appleton, and many more, who will all be queued up weekly right here and on itunes and podshow.com as well.

We have also launched a few new websites where you can access all things Miss Meghan. We’ve got our Xanga where I am pleased to announce the launch of our summer shoe contest (send me pics of your fave summer shoes and win some amazing prizes!), Podshow, Myspace, and logon to Dr.Scholls to get a free booklet all about shoe comfort as well as Fall shoe trends.

This week I interviewed my dear friend Heather McElhatton, who I met at Bread Loaf a few years ago. She is a fantastically talented writer and producer whose new book, Pretty Little Mistakes, just came out from Harper Collins. It’s a choose your own adventure book for adults and is very addictive and by turns screamingly hilarious and touchingly poignant. Just like Ms. McElhatton herself. Click here to hear Heather talk about her challenges as a writer and her favorite pair of sandals.

Heather supports Greenpeace. Check out the website to see what you can do to help save the environment.

Oh! and be sure to write in and tell me what you think: missmeghan@missmeghan.com or add to the comments below.


Click here to listen to the podcast on itunes.
Click here to listen to the podcast on podshow.

May 19, 2007

Shoe are You? (TM) Weekly Podcast Series with Miss Meghan

So finally, Miss Meghan is back to blogging. Only this time she is blogging via podcast! Yes, that's right, every Wednesday morning (starting this Wednesday, May 23) tune in to hear Miss Meghan chat with some of the most interesting writers, artists, musicians and shoe designers of our time talk about their work and reveal scintillating inner shoe secrets.

We are also launching a new Xanga page, where I am pleased to announce we will be running a Summer Shoe contest beginning this Wednesday -- send me pics of your fave shoes and win a prize! And Miss Meghan also has a new page on Podshow as well. Check out Dr. Scholls where you can get a free booklet all about shoe comfort and Fall shoe trends. And of course, you can always stop by my mySpace and add yourself as a friend.

I look forward to hearing from you, let me know what you think of the new podcasts by posting a comment on the new blog or emailing me at missmeghan (at) missmeghan.com.


May 9, 2007


Here at Miss Meghan we are revamping and redoing and all sorts of good things. We will be launching Shoe are You? podcasts very soon and a whole slew of other fun things. So apologies for not being with you every day, have been working hard to make it all much more fun.

What I CAN tell you right now is that Tori Amos wore pair of white, five-inch patent peep-toe slingback Stilettos when I got to see her at the showcase she did last week. She wore white socks with them and she JAMMED on her pianos. Was totally acoustic and amazing. It was the shoes, of course.

Oh! and check me out on the Huffington Post today.

And my new reel - highlights from all my TV appearances.