Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 26, 2007


Ok, so here's a new little feature we are starting on Miss Meghan's blog. WHAT HER SHOES SAY ABOUT HER (OR HIM) as the case may be.

I personally am a huge fan of Michelle William's style, she always is totally appropriately dressed for the occasion. By that I mean she always strikes just the right note, whether it is a cocktail party or just out and about or the red carpet. She seems to know herself and her body shape really well, and dresses to compliment it. Which is a lesson we all can take home with us! Know thyself! Know thy body! Ok, anyhoo. Here she is wearing Keds. She's out for a day with her daughter, running about the neighborhood, grabbing some coffee as many moms do, and note she has donned a close-toe Keds. Yes, it is still summery, yes it is cute, and yes they go with her summer dress. I love that she opted for these over a flip-flop. It totally goes to show you, there are many other options to look cute out there. What her shoe says about her? Fashion forward, down to earth, with a little bit of spunk.