Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

February 11, 2004


just back from the vivienne tam fashion show at the 36th floor of the new mandarin hotel in the timewarner building at 1 colombus circle. views: spectacular. clothes: lots of bobby socks with platform heels and crinkled hair. music: brilliant. an opening track that would break your heart. i hung in the music/lighting stand with laurent and nima after getting the inside dish on all their doings (look out for special labtonic newsletter and very insider parties TBD) and basically grooved my own groove to the music. i HAD to take out my rose taffeta jimmy choos with the antique turquoise brooches for the event. mom, no, i was not wearing my black katherine malandrino dress i was wearing a black turtleneck and black jeans. don't be scandalized. met jennifer from the mandarin, apparently vivienne tam designed their fan for that location--it's tres beautiful--very asian and modern.

sooooooooooooo i think today is all bout my novel, non? i am turning off the phone and getting completely immersed. ciao ciao.