Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

November 22, 2004


even tho miss meg was coughing up a lung, and wasn't supposed to go out, how could she resist? the manolo, he would have approved. last week i swigged down my robutussin, donned my jimmy choos, and fave auburn mascara, and went bravely out into the night for an intimate screening of the new bridget jones movie (i think there were 40 of us there?) for the nantucket film festival in the basement of the bryant park hotel. what a lovely little room that is. renee zellweger came and opened the eve in a lovely green dress telling us how much fun she had making the movie, and helen fielding did a q&a afterward. both were extremely charming and sweet as was the movie. but that hugh grant. oh he is BAD. and when i say that i say it with my most nasal michigan accent accentuating the Aaaaa and drawing it all the way out. oh he plays such a cad in that movie and it looks so natural for him. oh goodness. we headed upstairs afterwards for a little nosh then i went to meet up w/my honey and met the SFJ and the cowboy/poodle and drew. was v. fun but then the robitussin that i had elegantly been swilling from the bottle started to kick in and i had to beeline it to bed before i fell asleep standing up. ew.