Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

November 16, 2004


i have missed you so! in the time i've been away, i had a birthday, i discovered "gators" from shelley steffee (more to come on these soon--you will freak because they are so major), interviewed the fabulous mr david gensler of the kdu and got bronchitis! so gauche the coughing i must say!

anyhoo, it has been a blast even thought the sad man did not win a few weeks back. all i can say my dearies is to be vigilant, take care of yourselves and speak out when you have an opportunity.

and now. on my latest discovery. the manolo. i have even started talking in sentences beginning "the manolo says". which you will too once you get addicted to one of the most hilarious blogs i have ever seen. must-read my dear sweeties!