Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

October 19, 2005


this was on the fourth day of WSA and marina and I are super sweaty (excuse me, glistening) and gulping down as many cosmos as possible to deal with the heat on the 5th floor of the venetian as everyone else who had the same idea as us came to crowd in. after four days of alternately getting lost in the venetian and interviewing shoe designers while wearing my 3 inch chie miharas (excuse me WHY did I think that was a good shoe to walk miles in?) i was beat. and marina had written probably like 100 orders that day so she was too. but we managed to have fun, eat some strange appetizers and crack up at fabbi's jokes. fortunately rodney whisked me to dinner later at somewhere fabulous in the bellagio where i recovered. see my pretties, being a shoe guru is not always so glamourous!