Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

October 8, 2005


why? because for some reason raguso was convinced that he would make the perfect match with amy. or maybe it just amused him to say it? we don't really know. anyhoo, signing at imelda's closet was so super fun. beth and jamie did an amazing hostessing job and all the LNO came out to give support, buying books, shoe calendars and even my two grandmas stood outside on the sidewalk to do some serious PR! then all the mercy girls came by, the above mentioned amy, nicole, karen and heather showed some serious love chatting away mercy style and discussing all things extrav-DANZA and otherwise!

we hit 220 for din, then DOD for some key lime pie martinis (stoli vanilla, pineapple juice and rose's lime juice) and snakebites. it was very chilly and i was looking super-chic let me tell you in my elegant ports1961 dress, raguso's eddie bauer puffer vest and a giant ziploc bag with all my book-signing pens! birmingham did NOT know what hit it.