Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

November 2, 2005


that's the sound of miss meg and her little cold. it is petite this cold but it is there nonetheless. i have to say i have been wearing my faux cowbo boots everyday this weekend and week. i love it when you reach deep into your closet for something and rediscover a little gem like these. bought at tootsi back when the buying was good there (circa 5 yrs ago) also around teh same time that i bought my deep forest green miumiu ankle boots and red sparkly dries van notens that i used as a table centerpiece for 6 months before subjecting them to the mean manhattan streets. those were halycon days of shoe obsession i must say. and when i wear my faux aubergine cowboy boots i am transported back to those days! what fun! living in the east village on a 6th floor walkup that guaranteed i would have tight ass from all the many stairs i climbed each day!