Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

December 2, 2005


at the katvan's fun studio on 17th street, that's us with all holly's cute skirts and SHOE BAGS in the background. holly and i swapped boots as soon as i got there just for fun, my tootsi pluhounds for her frye's, and i must say I LOVE the frye boot. never thought i would. its just so comfy and has a heel and is CUTE. anyhoo, we met lots of interesting peeps, carolann who makes the most luxe hats and coats, colette who makes fabulous vintage pins, diana, mystelle, and jill stopped by too just for fun. we ate chocolate cookies from city bakery and i signed books, and one woman bought the apron right off my body! ok it was holly's apron and i was modeling it for her, but still, i felt . . . naked.