Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

December 12, 2005


such a fun filled week/end. i decided to let you marinate in the wonder of shoe therapy all week last eek but now I am back with many fun tidbits.

first, anne waldman wore some fierce red patent leather boots for her reading of "sleeping with women" at kenneth koch's collected poems and fiction party last wednesday. she really rocke dit out i must say. is at next to alex katz who did the art on both the covers of the books. he was very sweet as were all of the fab readers.

thursday i headed to cornelia, where i signed books and met the most fabulous fun people. jackie and andrea and ying li. ellen was floating about making sure everyone had enough champagne and hot chocolate, and michael was creating amazing displays and we generally all had a fun time trying on the designs of andrea and jackie and reading sections of my book to jackie's grandma who is a sneaker girl!