Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

October 10, 2006


what whirlwind weekend. first shoe therapy with the fabulous justine! we had a blast and i even took her wayyy outside her comfort zone with some sparkly ballet flats that were encrusted with super intense rose-gold glitter. she opted for two very cute pairs of sleek pointy toe flats in an incredible leather. we hit the bergdorf, sergio, ferragamo and even macy's (gasp!) in our quest and i must say there is a massive GAP in the marketplace for sexy, unusual flat boots (although I do love these.) so i am on the hunt!

next stop of the weekend was bovina for the increasingly more famous every year, livestock festival. roscoe rocked -- and marylee did one of her amazing bob dylan covers, bands played till 4 am, even tho i fell asleep deep into a brownie and whiskey coma around midnight! the babes of bovina (me, holly, amber, julie, mystelle and jas) posed for pics on the stoop of john's amazing house the next morning (pic to come).


then shopping in downtown andes where i snagged an amazing vintage bedspread and tasted the delectable niblets from the slow down cafe. slow down is not a jokey, funny ha-ha name, nope, it is reality as time slows down to a standstill when you enter the slow down zone. it is similar to the twilight zone only because you think that if you wanted to be thats low, you might not open a resturant, but instead some other kind of business like, say a sleeping clinic.