Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

October 23, 2006


am loooving it here! had a blast with all the ladies who came on down to Bloomie's to catch the Frye Fall boot collection. we had a blast dancing to the amazing DJ and checking out the brand new San Fran Bloomie's shoe floor. It is gorgeous there! An amazing store. The Frye peeps and I had a blast giving away one pair of Frye Campus boots (a fave of Sarah Jessica Parker) every half hour. Omg. So many fun winners.Jennifer June, the cowboy boot expert, came on down as well and we chatted cowboy boot girls and all about her new boot book coming out next year. caroline and her friends got their books signed and a pic with the superfab bloomies models (see above) ben took pics, eleanor and amanda and i helped him select some gift boots, and after Kurt and I did one final dance, it was time to go back to the W my new fave hotel, and have one of their signature smoothies. everyone in san fran drinks smoothies!

the ever-talented tracey took me in for a few days, where we had a fab dinner party for sarah, i hiked on the beach, did a swim at equinox, met the amazing piperlime ladies, and to top it all off, saw lucinda live at the fillmore. she is one rockin rocker. if i wasn't before i am now her biggest fan. she truly has an amazing voice. she sang some of her new tunes, including "c'mon" which had tracey and i in giggles of recognition.

look! laura and suzanne took a relaxed pic of me. one of few that exist! (see upper right photo on this post).

also discovered this new store--called neda--hello--they carry giuseppe AND terry de havilland!!! omg. a miss meghan dream come true! xo