Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 31, 2007


We love Lily here at Miss Meghan headquarters. Songs: catchy. Attitude: sassy. Dresses: a-plenty. Heels: her staple. She knows how to dress for her body and that is something to applaud. Here she is in an adorable sundress that begs for a pitcher of pink lemonade and a weekend at the Hamptons, no? And the shoes! Miss Lily is ever so fashionable in these cork wedges. We know she loves to tower--she can almost always be spotted in a pair of retro pumps-- but with these wedges, she can also take care of business! The flat sole keeps her grounded and on the go-- just the way we like our young starlets. The peep toe and ankle strap reveal she is a bit of a retro girl who loves a classic 50's silhouette and isn't afraid to be a flirt! What her shoe says about her? Retro, girly, flirty, fun.