Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

February 26, 2004


need we even say poets and nonsense in the same phrase. i mean, poets, freaks of the world that we are, are always full of nonsense. and sense ironically. anyhoo, it was a great reading monday night, if i do say so myself. rayray, leanne brown and lytle shaw superheroes, cute babies and treatises on mulch. if you can't have a treatise on mulch, then i don't know whatyou can have a treatise on.

February 23, 2004


from cousin sarah:

"Miss Meghan,
I have to tell you about my very favorite pair of shoes. I was wearing them when I met my husband. I know it was the shoes that he loved!!! They are a very high black stiletto. They have a unique open toe. They look like Barbie shoes. As a matter of fact
the Pressels called them my Barbie shoes. I would wear them with a black slinky dress. I could wear them with jeans too. I love those shoes.

I would go dancing in them, and they never gave me blisters. I have thought
about putting them in a glass case to display them in my house, since they are such
a great part of my past."

oh my sister, i hear you on the glass case. i've got some too on display at my house. my stiletto pink taffeta jimmys. i just look at them and sigh, just like you do i bet!

February 22, 2004


"My favorite pair of shoes are a black pair of Skecher, hiking boots. They are so comfortable and I feel like i could do anything in them. I have worn them all Winter long and I would wear them through Summer if it didn't look so funny..."

i hear you sister. i have been living in my black boots too. maybe boots could be the new sandal? of course, our feet might get kinda sweaty.


started out with waleed at soho house on thursday eve. too many tourists made us duck around the corner to APT, where kim took such good care of us. fabulous senia joined us, and a little foie gras and two cosmos later, we headed to the basement for some "bootybass". now this music i have never heard before, but let me tell you, wow. it was some of the best bootyshakin' sounds i have heard in a long time in this here town. reminded me of wjlb back home in detroit, electrifyin' mojo on saturday nights. ran into amazing DJ ron (see saturday nights at lotus on LES) and in general worked off all the fruity calories we had just taken in upstairs. after that it was orchard bar, where as usual i did not feel as cool as all the cool truck driver hat wearin' kids there. i am just not hipster, what can i say?

friday was all bout a night out with j sklar, one of my faves. westville for din (where else?!) then a moment of comedy at paprika, where we ran into fab designer meghan kinney. she speels her name the same way i do and that's how we met-isn't that cute? she just opened her shop in LA and j promised to stop by. then we headed to west for nightcap.

saturday night rayray came into town. you know he's reading mon, national poetry series award winner that he is. anyhoo, we hit the thai place on my corner and then magnolia, where they now have a BOUNCER. yes it is a cupcake bakery with a bouncer and a line and . . . cupcakes and milk. elena and i always talk about how we want to re-design the inside of magnolia so that the flow of traffic would not require a bouncer, but me thinks they kind of like it that way. mr cashier couldn't really talk to us, just took our money. i think he didn;t want to move to suddenly and mess up his coiffure.

now its sunday and sex and the city final episode is on. of course i'll be joining the sister goddesses in lingerie for a viewing. what fun!

February 19, 2004


if you are not thom or andy you probably won't get that but you don't really need to. it was just a little something that came up during our vodka-laden editorial meeting last night for failbetter, one of the best literary zines out there if i do say so myself. the anyway cafe as always was the site of many a hilarious comment, an interactive jazz singer and IKRA. pronounced eeeee-KRA! with a very long and loud emphasis on the kra part. i learned that from andy and thom who speak russian. who knew? anyhoo, rest assured that not all of our meetings take place under the influence of vodka infusions. in truth it was our first, but hopefully we've started a tradition.

February 18, 2004


betcha didn't know poets could throw down didja? but oh boy, you should check out the barn dance at breadloaf one year. you will really see the boogying. in a mini-version of that pastoral/hedonistic venue, amazing reading last night hosted by the ever-chic poet rebecca wolff at the new school. mary ruefle, lytle shaw, john taggart and rosemary griggs tantalized us all. and a petite soiree hosted by rebecca's brother nick, where we ogled his brand-new kitchen, drank red wine and debated dark matter. i think dark matter is the new black.

February 17, 2004


from grandma p in farmington, michigan:

"Hi, sweet Meghan: My favorite pair of shoes was a red high-heeled pump in the 1940s. When I was expecting our third child there was a pair in Beck's shoe store window and I really coveted them and thought about them and planned to buy them after the baby was born. Bright Red High-Heeled Pumps!
After Bill was born I had the money but I had lost my yearning for those shoes so I spent the money on a dentist's bill. But I never forgot my favorite shoes."


started out at peter rostovsky's show, deluge at the the project. if you've got the cash, get yourselves one of these works pronto. (institutional collectors, this means you!) following a little 'do at essex lounge to celebrate one of peter's best shows to date, headed over to cozy xicala, mexican wine bar on LES, reminiscent of N back in the day, but a bit smaller. excellent wine list. raised a glass of champs to celebrate heidi's bday. saturday was all about heart shaped cucumber and mayo sandwiches on white bread and heart covered cupcakes in williamsburg. yes, it is true. miracle of miracles, i rode the subway arriving in brooklyn via the L. it was quite an experience. note to writers who may be stuck for material (or procrastinating). ride L train to and fro for many hours. you will have a novel in no time. sunday--can we just talk about the excellent obscure 80's music at whole foods on sunday night? that place is one organic party. and to top it all off, din with one of my very faves, the illustrious wendy shanker. parfait!

February 13, 2004


if you feel like you might need a few tips on lovin', go in a private place, flip open your cell phone and dial 866-KY-LOVE-ADVICE (1-866-595-6832) to get free, on-the-spot (so to speak) lovin' advice from none other than our much loved mama gena. free for the entire month of february!

and don't miss MG on 20/20 this weekend. check your local listings.


well, if it isn't ashley dearborn herself, who is all over the WWD accessories issue and is zooming into the hearts and minds of good editors everywhere, and her cutest, sweetest little dog, chump. who wooed everyone in my office when ashley and chump stopped by yesterday--just to make sure i had pink sandals instead of blue! how sweet is that?


didn't i request you to flood my inbox with reader email so i can procrastinate productively? and since i am on deadline about a hundred different ways, right now would be the perfect time! so go ahead, tell me what your favorite pair of shoes are and why. yes, that's it, open up a NEW message, type in missmeghan@missmeghan.com and send me your drops of brilliant wisdom. i am waiting patiently. grandma, this includes you.

February 12, 2004


dark chocolate rather than milk, truffles rather than bars, light pink roses over tulips. (tho i like tulips too). and did i mention i am an excellent thankstress? i am really fun to give to because i get so excited!!

just wanted to put that out there.

February 11, 2004


lizzie grubman was at the show as well. and while i certainly dont know her, and think she made an eeny beeny mistake with all that white trash buisness, i have to say, that woman is a PRO at what she does. i watched her closely as she worked it and was quite impressed. it is always great to see a woman totally in her element.


just back from the vivienne tam fashion show at the 36th floor of the new mandarin hotel in the timewarner building at 1 colombus circle. views: spectacular. clothes: lots of bobby socks with platform heels and crinkled hair. music: brilliant. an opening track that would break your heart. i hung in the music/lighting stand with laurent and nima after getting the inside dish on all their doings (look out for special labtonic newsletter and very insider parties TBD) and basically grooved my own groove to the music. i HAD to take out my rose taffeta jimmy choos with the antique turquoise brooches for the event. mom, no, i was not wearing my black katherine malandrino dress i was wearing a black turtleneck and black jeans. don't be scandalized. met jennifer from the mandarin, apparently vivienne tam designed their fan for that location--it's tres beautiful--very asian and modern.

sooooooooooooo i think today is all bout my novel, non? i am turning off the phone and getting completely immersed. ciao ciao.

February 10, 2004


so i skipped fashion events last evening and headed straight to my own poetry series, where albert, katy and thomas threw down some couture verse of their own. and hey since marc jacobs skipped an afterparty this season in lieu for the large democratic fundraising fete he'll put on in the fall, where better to be than at the 11th street bar with kenny the best bartender in the world and some fierce poets? actually, it's always preferable to most anything else save being kissed long and slow on a couch listening to dusty springfield. for those of you who don't like dusty, try marvin gaye or even air, if you insist on being modern. so ANYhoo, this morning a GIANT explosion rocked my apartment building. a boiler down the street exploded and by the time i left my building was crawling with hot firemen (maybe i should have stayed?) and everyone was hanging out of their windows gesticulating like a street in italy. v. exciting, non?

February 9, 2004


so the paco rabanne party at jeffrey was quite cute. gold lame everywhere and lots of people with headsets running around. but, i must query, why does no one dance at fashion parties? just that eternal trolling around LOOKING. but we had fun, lora, tracy, walleed (you know I am spelling that wrong) derek and jason. martin, my main man at jeffrey was there, we talked house music for a bit before i jetted to raf simons show at the marquis. which was, well, full of underage boys. ok i am sure they weren't really 10, but they all looked like it. i wanted to take them all back to kansas or wherever they came from, feed them nice big meals and tell them to stay put, but for some reason everyone else thought the skinny abused boy look was nothing to flinch an eye at. j said the full collection which they showed in london was better, and j knows about all these things so lets go on faith there, as oversized shaker knit sweaters over scuba pants wasn't doing it exactly for me. all i have to say is thank goodness we were in the VIP section because it was CROWDED. while we were there we ran into rachel comey, fabulous designer herself. her show saturday nite was a big, big hit. and d'angelo, makeup artist extraordinaire, who always invites me to his exclusive beauty brunches where we sit in awe of his knowledge and put 100 different lip glosses all over our faces!

February 6, 2004


kristina grish, gold-satin-helmut-lang-stiletto-wearing fabulous downtown writer & fashionista, has penned quite a genius little text. we need to talk, but first do you like my shoes? is quite the succinct little ditty, with every perfect outfits for every dumping your man scenario. you would want to get yourself and your girlfriends a copy now i would say.

February 4, 2004


the otter, (remember the sigerson scandale reported on awhile back?) is now stocking ashley dearborn's whimsical creations. ooh la la. did i see a crab sandal for summer? mais oui.


Oh blessed life! Who did I run into monday while on my deadline? two sparkling bubbles of inspiration, alicia and juniper. Who promptly fired me up with inspiration and ideas from their pure delight.


ladies, (and gentlemen) if you haven’t ordered your valentines cards yet, you will want to make sure you have a few of these in your repetoire. personally I plan to send the ones that say you are a saucy little tart. cheek is always in style, non?