Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 4, 2004


no not a real one, silly. a beautiful little flip fliop cookie made by the cookie artist at once upon a tart here in the wv. pink with a green thing and little blue flowers on it. mmm mmmmm.

checked out ec's art opneing last night at her swank boutique. greg wilson a fellow aussie, displayed his paintings--all manner of wild oil paintings: iris and landscapes and women on settees. this of course was after the fab holly waterfield and i knocked back a few key lime vodka drinks, tore up my bedroom trying on all her new fabulous skirts and my new dusica shoes and watching mama gena bring her vulva puppet on conan o'brien. we just about fell off my bed laughing.

just remember life is not a flip flop but in some circumstances you can eat one.