Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 25, 2004


as the illustrious jason campbell always says. anyhoo i will try to recapture the events in LA as best i can but you know i'll miss something. alison levy, (wife of andy kindler on signifcant others airing in sept) picked me up at the airport at the stroke of midnight. we zoomed back to her sweet little pad in los feliz which was where i made my home until i headed up to santa barbara for jason's wedding on sat.

thursday i got a chance to meet all the fabu peeps who work on savvy. ooh so fun! tina, lisa, david, latrice, joel and even maureen from WE! then i took off to silver lake where randy screened the jose oquando for me in his and amy's new house. a glass of white wine and a freak-out over amy's dining room later (think palm beach meets fierce 1970's chocolate wood dining room table and some orange and blue parrot wallpaper), wendy amy and i headed to harmony for mani/pedi, where we sat in giant black leather chairs with massage rollers. then to gingergrass with leslie for basil ginger lemonade and lots of steamed fish and ginger. friday was all about walking in LA. i headed into los feliz proper and hit my fave thrift store in all of LA, squaresville, where i promptly conjured up theperfect vintage pink silk chiffon fairy dress for me to wear to the wedding ($14. yes YOU HEARD RIGHT. $14.). then to fred 62 my fave diner where i proofed my FINAL PROOFS OF MY BOOK. yes you heard right. the final galleys!!! eeek!! they look so fab and chronicle is even giving me a pink metallic cover! can you imagine?

fri afternoon i hung on the stoop and then les and went back to harmony for her pedi and my mani. then off to tantra where jess landaw and leslie and speed and i devoured the largest lamb chops i have ever seen and lots of fruity drinks. speed also recited the poem about little hands and i cried. i love it when speed recites poems. jess and i did a quick stop into the 4100 club and checked out the car with the computer keyboard keys near where we parked. i learned one important thing about LA. NEVER EVER give up a parking space to look for another one.

sat we headed up with wendy and eric in the lancer to montecito. where we promptly landed at the four seaons pool eating elegant crab cakes served by cute pool boys on trays. the food was on the trays, not the pool boys you dirty minded readers!

sat night we relaxed in the garden at el canto by a lily pond and everyone made nice funny toasts. mark, joe, dave, and jim kept me in giggles at our table and i ate all of joe's apple flan. i also learned los feliz is proncounced LOOS feliz not LAAAS feliz. can i help it if my charming michigan accent is so cute it likes to pop up in my o's?

sunday it was sunny. the entire gang gathered poolside this time and while the boys played aloud game of water frisbee, i basked in the frequent evian spritzers mark our pool boy provided as well as a fruity pino loco in between trips to the whirlpool, saltwater pool with underwate r music, and spa for lemon scented chilled towels. oh yeah i also hit the best hair styling product in the world, the pacific ocean, and played with jnash and hudson.

sunday eve jay and jess got married with the sound of the ocean crashing behind us, we drank lots of cosmos, danced like it was 1984, and watched a red moon dip into the sea at 11 pm. i talked to bary, marta, max and steph and melissa between 5-courses of total foodie decadence and a heath bar cake. then it was time to go home and watch some more scary movie 2 with eric.

monday we were up and adam. except no one was named adam and we also were really hung over. buddha belly dinner with ali and morano made me feel better and i skipped the 9 pm and opted for the 10 pm red-eye. almost in first. next time.