Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 2, 2004


for some reason jelly shoes are de riguer up in cambridge massachusetts. why cambridge, i could't tell you. all i know is that i saw plenty of jelly shoes. lime green, pink, clear, all shaking in their jelly way as their owners walked thru the streets with pride.

why was in cambridge you ask? for the boston poetry massacre of course. jordan read on saturday night, i read sunday noontime. was v.v. fun. james tried to fleece the crowd with stickers jimmy gave him, but i managed to talk him down from three dollars per "terrific job!" to a quarter each. i got mine free of course and got an extra one during my reading, just for fun. thanks, james.

but no trip is complete without a stop at the local secondhand store for a fabulous pair of black strappy sandals -- never worn -- for only 16$! they are very cha-cha-cha. as if i should be dancing a dramatic tango with a black ruffled skirt with a red underthingy. and the red underthingy would be ruffly and would show only when i did a fabulous turn. also a red hibiscus in the hair, don't you think?

then the fungwa home to terror central. ahem. as russell says, "the stock market is a TARGET? noooooo, REALLY?" exactly.

ps. griffin pls stop tearing your wee wee pad up b4 daddy gets home. oh geez. i just remembered griffin can't read.