Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

September 30, 2005


everyone i know has been telling me to see this movie and farrah nicely put me on the list for a sneak preview last night.

put it on your lists of to-dos this weekend my sweets, especially if you have a sister!! i dont even have a sister and i was weeping my eyes out. in a good way.

cameron diaz and tony colette both incredibly charming and engaging and very fetching. and finally a movie that is not about the man getting her guy! i mean, she gets her guy but it is the background. the real story is the complex sisterly duo, and all that complicated family stuff that is so layered and rich. and there's lots of poetry! read aloud! this bodes well for both shoe experts like myself and poetry experts.

and the shoe closet was wayyyy too major. it is a shoe closet only available to those with enormously giant apartments here in nyc or those living out of town. personally i would have liked to see more bright color in the shoe closet but i must say they did quite an excellent job!