Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

September 9, 2005


fashion week has just started and already i am worn out. wed i hit jason's party and hung with all the cool kids, mark, david, courtney, lora, tracy, ludivine, chuckie. discussed the merits of pat benatar in depth, the softness of t-shirts made out of bamboo fiber, and how tasty the rose moet was.

thursday i headed to nima's new studio and saw a sneak preview of insidefly. a fash/lifestyle mag that will be on a DVD. then jaunted over to ports fabulous terrace on the west side where i saw spring, then watched the sun go down over the hudson with a glass of white wine and convos with jackie and mike and tony while we reclined on their new patio furniture. i felt like i was at the raleigh, it was sublime. then hit vonlintel to see john and the new izima karu exhbit which was beautiful women who were dead in beautiful landscapes. more wine and then heade d back to the west village where ludi and i finished invites and grabbed about 5 shrimp tempura rolls at aki.

yesterday i sported my 3-in chie mihara's and let me tell you, miss meghan cannot handle the stiletto for longer than 3 hours in hot weather. simply DOES NOT work. i need some fierce carmen ho or prairie de paris flats to get me through this fall, oh yes i do.