Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

January 9, 2006

I AM IN LOVE today, i visited the holy shoe shrine

bergdorf second floor, and BEHOLD, as i came up the second floor escalator, i turned directly left, as i always do, so that before i see anything on the floor i can look at what my beloved alaia is doing this season. and LO did my eyes land upon the MOST MAJOR shoe i have had the pleasure of laying eyes upon in many a year. it is a pump. a magical platform pump, with a perfect not too rounded toe box, a heel that is as sexy as it is sturdy, in the most divine dark grey (no not black! that is the total beauty here! it is much more subtle than black!) with a metallic python trim for the heel and platform. i gasped. i wheezed. i sneezed (well, maybe that was the cold, but you know what i am saying). the lovely store manager asked if i wanted to try them on, and i backed away slowly shaking my head. they were simply too major to even try on.
i will go back and visit them, and i will one day buy them. but for right now, they are a chimera of love in my mind that i had to share with you.