Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

January 3, 2006


ok kidlets, every year i freak out when the cold cold weather comes. how to look relatively chic and warm at the same time? how to not look huge in my many bundlings? i have finally figured out what my new winter uniform will be, even though it's already january. inspired by both maria cornejo's winter look book and my test drive of holly's frye's, i am now declaring the black frye campus boot as my boot for the winter. a bit of a heel, albeit chunky, comfortable, indestructible, and able to stand up to new york wintry streets, and cute with black tights and bubble skirt. pairing it with a grey parka, alebit a parka with a pink lining. going for down is the only option when it's 10 degrees out and you are walking many miles to and fro as we nyc ladies tend to do. for nighttime, i'll switch it out for my vintage white fur jacket with the squared shoulder and vintage knee high black high heel, slightly rounded corner boot. what say you?