Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

January 6, 2006


don't tell anyone but ludivine is having 50-70% off sale today and tomorrow. i really don't want to tell you but i am because it is my mitzvah for january to let all the ladies know how to be extra fabulous. if you haven't been to ludivine (who is a favorite of a certain TOP editor at a certain TOP conde mag) , you are missing out. she is the largest stockist of vanessa bruno, and the only stockist of prairie de paris and tsumori chisato in the U.S. kirsten dunst usually stops by when in nyc and zac posen has used ludi's store as a fave place to do fash shoots. ok enough inside info. i am praying you won't go there and buy the one blouse i want. no i am not telling you which one!!