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August 3, 2007


If the shoe fits: Talk with Meghan Cleary

Rachel Solar, Fashion Editor

What is the book's premise?
It's sort of like astrology for your feet. The book outlines some of the most popular shoe styles and includes analysis of what those characteristics say about your personality whether you're a "Stiletto Girl," Ballet Flat Girl" or "Sneaker Girl." Throughout each profile, I also provide tips on fashion, dating and careers to match each shoe type.

What is the appeal of heels for women?
I think women's love of shoes is absolutely genetic. When I was five, I became totally obsessed with this pair of baby blue wedge espadrille sandals with flowered embroidery. They just seemed like the ultimate accessory even though I probably didn't even know what that word meant then. I bothered my mom until she bought them.

What is your personal favorite shoe?
Some favorites right now are a pair of grey python Azzedine Alaia pumps from the winter 2006 collection. I loooooove Giuseppe Zanotti for red carpet events, and I have a pair of crazy platforms from Due Farina that are super fun -- black and yellow patent.

What makes a shoe sexy?
I am a Stiletto girl when it comes to sexy shoes. Stilettos are the most feminine, confident shoe a woman can have in her fashion arsenal. I love towering and the silhouette it brings to the whole outfit. But it's different for every woman. It's all about how a good pair of shoes makes you feel inside and how confidently you walk in them. You have to rock your platforms if that's what you're in!

Published on Fri, Aug 3, 2007