Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 28, 2007


And we heart Najwa right back!!

Naj interviewed me for her amazing Styleaholics blog.

Styleaholics, welcome to not only another New Media Tuesday but you are about to discover not only one of the MUST READ BLOGS on the web, but a BRANDED PERSONALITY ON THE RISE and if you don’t now you know!


Miss Meghan is not only one of my favorite all time people, but she is also smart, savvy and a shoe addict-read below to find out more.

Styleaholics Heart Miss Meghan!

You call yourself a Shoe Therapist–please explain what this does and feel free to relate any funny case studies/stories.

The concept of Shoe Therapy (TM) originated because getting a new pair shoes is really therapy for every woman. I don’t care if you are a clog girl or a Stiletto girl, or you get them at a cool vintage shop, Manolo Blahnik’s store on Madison, or the Salvation Army — every women loves a new pair of shoes. It gives you an instant uplift and you don’t have to dress and undress in front of a bad flourescent mirror, you just try them on and go. Shoes change the way you walk, how you feel, your entire mood, your confidence. It’s a beautiful thing!

For the past four years traveling on tour with my book around the country, this concept has been proven to me over and over in so many different contexts–thousands of women have poured out their shoe stories to me. I have seen women light up when they put on a pair of new shoes they like. It’s like this moment of transformation, like a lightbulb that literaly switches on. It changes how she thinks about herself. And it makes you just happy to see something you love on your feet. As Christian Louboutin says, “How can you not smile when you look down at your feet and see a hot pink pump?”

Read the entire interview here.