Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 27, 2007


Hey hey! The lovely and fabulous Kristopher Dukes interviewed me for This Next and it is now up. Read the entire interview here.

Who is Miss Meghan?

From the ThisNext blog: Posted Monday, August 27, 2007 at 06:59AM

After a successful run as a marketing consultant on Wall Street, it was time for Miss Meghan to pursue her life-long obsession with shoes. Now we know her as America’s Shoe Expert, a shoe therapist and doyenne, the fashion authority of all things shoe. From her hit television show Shoe Therapy ™ on the Home Shopping Network, to her podcast series Shoe are You?™ on iTunes, thousands of women across the globe pour out their shoe stories to learn key tips and strategies on finding the latest shoes. When Miss Meghan isn’t dispensing celebrity shoe secrets and teaching us how to walk in stilettos, she can be found rounding up the latest finds on ThisNext. We caught up with this ‘sole therapist’ for the latest trends in the shoe department.

TN: Any sneak previews you can share with ThisNext readers?
MM: Well, I can say that there is a very hot ankle boot we’ll be featuring on the debut of my new show on Home Shopping Network on the 20th (8 p.m.). It is a patent bootie with a suede cuff that has this super sexy slit up the front. Is very eighties but with a cool modern heel. I looove it! And keep tuning in to my show Shoe Therapy on HSN because we are going to be bringing people some really hot shoes this fall and Winter and a lot of hilarious surprises.

TN: Biggest response a blog post of yours has received from consumers?
MM: We got a lot of response from my Shoe are You? podcast with Jason and Randy Sklar — they have a huuuge following and the podcast was so hilarious, I practically stopped interviewing because I was just laughing so hard. You can check it out here or on iTunes.

Read the rest of the interview here.