Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

January 10, 2004

well russell took me to the opening night of the new tribeca comedy club where i laughed so hard i thought i'd peed mypants. i didn't really think i'd peed my pants, it's just an expression. but anyhoo, that says a lot for me because i know a lot of very funny people and have been to a lot of very funny show sin my lifetime. and this one was one of the funniest. lynn was an amazing hostess, that little saucy mouth delivering every line with sweet smile, even when she was making the boys a little mad as they were forced to open their eyes to some of their own misconceptions. hee hee.

met all the knoxville gang, with their lovely graciousness, truly enjoyed the insightful thoughts from a times insider on the blair/raines fiasco, and noticed that when the temperature drops here in our chilly city, the amount of fur that comes out is enough to populate a small zoo.