Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

January 28, 2004


now for something more interesting. hmmmmm. more interesting. oh yes. here we go. a dear reader writes in:

"very cool blog you have going here! it's certainly right up my alley. i also live near marc jacobs and laughed my ass off about trying to work but day dreaming about shopping on bleeker. I often find myself at odd hours of the day proudly carrying home a large piece of pecan pie from magnolia, when I should be doing many other things. it's the not-so-good, fattening form of procrastination. "

other forms of food procrastination:
--suddenly being hit with a craving to fill your kitchen with groceries and make all the recipes you've clipped from the times magazine over the last five years
--making homemade pie crusts
--making upside down pear tarts*

*this is the only one i do with regularity